Best Plus Size Dresses to Hide Stomach

Best Plus Size Dresses to Hide Stomach

Best Plus Size Dresses to Hide Stomach

Best Plus Size Dresses to Hide Stomach

Women have a lot of discussions when it comes to feeling beautiful and confident. Often times, women tend to quantify their beauty in terms of body figure such as having a small tummy. However, if you are a woman of plus size, it can be difficult to hide those bulging tummies.

Women especially who are in their 40s naturally experience weight gain in their bellies. They start to lose their waist and develop an apple-shaped body. Fortunately, the market has expanded its line of products.

They are now targeting women of plus size in marketing and promoting clothing lines such as dresses in order to help women hide a big stomach and eventually attain the confidence they deserve.

Things You Need to Know

Since the market is wide open, large-sized women now have many options on how to conceal or hide their stomachs through different types of clothing. Getting that perfect appearance of an ideal figure is not that difficult if you choose the right outfit. Here are some tips you might consider if you have a big stomach to hide:

Smart Dressing

One of the most effective tips in hiding big stomach is to dress properly. Choosing a dress that can steer away attention from your tummy is highly effective.

There are many maxi dresses and flowy designs that are highly recommended if you want to conceal your big stomach. You may also want to avoid body-fit clothes if you don’t want to attract attention to your tummy area.

Try Shapewear

If you have a big belly, you might want to invest in some shapewear. This product can create a pleasant figure regardless of how big your belly is. Shapewear is tight-fitting undergarments in different types that have the ability to control your tummy area. You will have no problem in wearing tight fit dress and tops if you use shapewear.

Body Posture

Most women often disregard posture as being a reason why their bellies appear bigger. The truth is, having a port posture can lead to sag and loosen abdomen muscles which cause the bulge in the tummy. Aside from choosing the right clothes, it is important to keep your posture healthy to help you lessen the appearance of bug stomach.


Another effective technique in hiding your tummy is to wear layers and combinations. If you are stylish enough, you can combine cape and knee-length dress or tank top with plaid skirts. Unbuttoned layers can also make you taller.

Here are some of the best dresses that can effectively hide your big stomach:

1. Nemidor Women’s Chevron Print Plus Size Casual Maxi Dress

The Nemidor Women’s Maxi Dress is made of stretchy and soft materials. This long dress with Chevron print has a cute design and can be easily dressed down or up. It has a casual vintage look that is compatible with every season.

It has a floor-length skirt that can be used for several occasions such as cocktail parties, night out, date night, and even for work. The dress is comfortable to wear as it does not squeeze around the arms area. If you are conscious about having a big belly especially after having a baby, then this Nemidor Maxi Dress is just perfect for you.

Not only it hides your embarrassing tummy but gives you all-day comfort and style when you wear one. The best thing about this maxi dress is that even if it is designed for plus sized women, many customers have claimed that the dress does not make them big.


  • Comfortable
  • Made of excellent quality materials
  • Fits great


  • Can be very long for an average-height woman

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2. Nemidor Women’s Cold Shoulder Plus Size Casual T-Shirt Swing Dress

The Nemidor Women’s Swing Dress is another great product if you want to hide your big stomach. The materials used in this product are soft, elastic, and very comfortable to wear. This dress can be a great choice for a casual outfit or summer beach look.

The Nemidor Women’s Swing Dress is a knee-length outfit that can give you a fresh and slim look despite having a big belly. The Nemidor Women’s Swing Dress is made with premium quality fabric that is not too tight or too loses when worn. The dress is not too heavy. The dress comes with pockets.

Some customers claim that this product is a good deal because it can conceal effectively big bellies without compromising your style especially if you are a plus size woman.


  • Recommended for plus size
  • Lightweight
  • Great quality fabric
  • Not too tight or loose

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3. Nemidor Women Loose Plain Casual Plus Size Long Maxi Dress

The Nemidor Loose Plain Maxi Dress is a comfortable dress that offers lightweight feeling and excellent fit especially for women with plus size who wants to hide their stomach. The dress is made of good quality materials and comes with simple yet elegant designs to choose from.

The Nemidor Loose Plain Maxi Dress also comes with pockets that can be used for keeping mobiles phones and other small-sized items. The fabric is very soft and stretchy that can be easily dressed up or dress down.

The Nemidor Long Maxi Dress comes with two side pockets, a round neck opening, and an elastic waist that reaches the floor. For a comfortable and stylish look, this dress can be on top of your list.


  • True to size
  • Comes with pockets
  • Fabric is thick
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great fit


  • Not recommended for apple-shape figure

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If you are ready to go shopping, then these products mentioned above can help you shorten your choices. Choosing the right outfit is not a challenging activity if you know what exactly you are looking for. Take a minute to understand the tips above so that you can easily choose the type of clothing that will effectively hide your belly bulge.

Choosing the right dress should not only hide your stomach but should also make you look stylish at all. Doing so can improve your confidence in displaying yourself even if you are a plus-size with a big belly.

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