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Best Women’s Watches under $500

Best Women's Watches under 500

Best Women’s Watches under $500

Best women’s watches under $500

Whether you want a sophisticated and sleek leather strap or bejeweled front faces, your $500 budget can surely get you a decent watch that is both affordable and stylish at the same time. If you are looking for a watch, the market has a lot to offer. Whether it is from an online or physical store, you will be amazed at the wide variety of watches you can select in the market today.

With the overwhelming number of watches nowadays, it is important to select the right one for you. Before picking which one is the best, you have to consider some things. First, the type of watch you will select will largely depend on your lifestyle. If you are after for an everyday watch, then a simple and plain design with easy to read features would be ideal for you.

If you have an active lifestyle, then a smartwatch would be perfect as if has several features that can help you keep track of your fitness.  If you prefer bling, then Michael Kors series and other designer watches will surely be an excellent choice. These types of watches often have a sparkling appearance that would go with special events and occasions

Some things to Remember before Buying:

– Original watches must be manufactured in EU, Switzerland, USA, or Japan.

– Manufacturer of a watch must be well-known

– The watch must cover at least two years warranty

– If buying online, the retailer must have a good reputation and rating

Here are some of the Best Women’s Watches under $500:


When it comes to trusted and proven high-quality watches, Citizen will always be at the topmost spot. For over 40 years, this manufacturer of excellent watches has dedicated its decades of work in making eco-driven and technology-based watches.

Among its best watches include the Citizen Eco-Drive Regent Watch that comes with the ability to harness light from a natural and artificial light source and then later converts it into energy that powers up the watch, removing the need for costly battery replacement.

This energy-efficient technology from Citizen is what keeps them unique and popular among other well-known brands. The Citizen Eco-Drive Regent Watch has an Eco-Drive technology that stores energy permanently in its internal rechargeable power cell. The product has the ability to recharge itself by means of any light source thus it does not require any battery at all.

Aside from this excellent eco-drive feature, the Citizen Eco-Drive Regent Watch is an elegant and durable watch. You won’t be disappointed with it and you can surely get your money’s worth because it is inexpensive compared to other brands offering the same feature.


  • High-quality
  • Sturdy construction
  • Advanced technology
  • Eco-drive feature


– Dial is small

– small in size

– sparkly

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The Michael Kors Ritz Chronograph Watch is a stylish and elegant watch yet a practical choice when it comes to daily use. It has a chunky solid appearance idea for everyday work. The quartz movement functions very well.

This chronograph dial displays 60 seconds,60  minutes, and 24 hours. it comes with quartz movement and has a diameter of 37 mm. This Michael Kors Ritz Chronograph Watch can also be sued as a stopwatch and can resist water up to 330 feet.  The Michael Kors Ritz Chronograph Watch is a classy watch with subtle crystals.

This simple yet elegant MK watch can be compared to other luxurious brands that offer the same function. This Michael Kors Ritz Chronograph Watch is both a leisure watch and an everyday watch. If you are looking for an affordable yet expensive-looking watch, then this product is just right for you.


– water-resistant up to 50 meters

– can be used for recreational swimming

– chronograph function

– three sub-dials

– push button release

– three-hand analog


– large and heavy

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If you want a watch that can make you feel confident, alluring, and feminine at the same time, then Michael Kors MK5862 is one of the top excellent choices you can possibly consider. Not only it is fashionable, but it comes with gold stainless steel that can be held together along with a double push-button safety closure that allows your wrist to become comfortable when used.

The Michael Kors MK5862 Watch can measure seconds, minutes, and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. This Michael Kors MK5862 is a watch for all ages. One of the best things about this Michale Kors MK5862 watch is that has a very sturdy construction that guarantees you of long-lasting use.

The watch is kind of heavy due to the high-quality materials and components being used by the watch.  The Michael Kors MK5862 appears elegant and attractive when worn on the wrist. If you are going on a special occasion, this watch can be paired with your evening outfit.

The sparkly crystal effect of this Michael Kors MK5862 makes you look outstanding both day and night. overall, this Michael Kors MK5862 is very stylish and looks very expensive as the crystals mimic like a diamond.


– Affordable

– Water-resistant

– fashionable

– comfortable when worn


– Too much glitter

– A little bit large

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Choosing the best watch will depend largely on how you will use it. There are many kinds of watches that can be found in the market today. If you are planning to invest your $500 for a decent watch, then you would be overwhelmed to know that there is a wide variety of watches to choose from. Not all of them are expensive.

If you are thorough enough, you can find these decent products both online and in physical stores. Just remember to stick to your purpose on buying if you want to get the best of what you will buy.

After all, the best features of a watch can be determined depending on each one’s preference. Just make sure to find all the necessary features you will be needing in a watch in order to get value for your hard-earned money.

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