Bras for Plus Size with Large Cup Size

Bras for Plus Size with Large Cup Size

Bras for Plus Size with Large Cup Size

Bras for Plus Size with Large Cup Size

If you are a woman with large breasts, then you would know how hard it is to find the perfect bra for your bust. Shopping for a bra can be a frustrating experience sometimes as it requires more time to try and choose.

Fortunately, the market today has offered different bra products specifically designed for women with large cup size. These bras are designed to give maximum support and comfort like the ones offered with normal bra size.

Things You Need To Know First:

Before diving into shopping, there are things that you should know first if you are decided to buy plus-sized bras. If you want to have the perfect bra, take a look at the following things first:

– Think of the type you want

Before buying a good pair of bras, it is important to know first which type of bra you are planning to buy. This can save you a lot of time at the mall as you already have a target on your mind. There are different types of bras you can choose from such as strapless, sports bras, wire-free or underwire.

– Examine your body first

By knowing your body type, it will also be easier for you to think of what certain type of bra may be good for your bust.

– Have a meticulous pair of eyes

When shopping for bras, make sure to put the bra and check how it fits you.  If you see any digging, spillage, or any gaps, then the bra is probably not for you. Also, do not forget to check the band back as it can tell you if the bra fits poorly or not. The correct fit will produce no bulges or riding up.

Here are some of the best Bras for Women with Large Cup Size:

1. Playtex Women’s Original Comfort Strap Full Coverage Bra

The Playtex Women’s Comfort Bra is one of the best and super supportive bras for women with large cup size. It is made with a comfortable 4-way stretch material that can move with you. Its 4-way support system includes wider straps, higher frame sides, rounded cups, and smooth back stability.

It has padded straps that do not slide down or slip. It comes with hidden lift panels in the cups that provide the natural shape of your bust. The Playtex bra has 16 different colors and size from 36C to 48DDD. It also has band sizes up to G cups. This Playtex bra has a triple back hook and eye closure that ensures a perfect fit.

When wearing this bra, you will experience true comfort all day. It stays put even if you have sloping shoulders. The back does not ride up unlike other plus-size bras.

This 18 Hour comfort bra from Playtex does not only give great support and comfort for women with large cup size but this bra also helps relieve pressure in the body. It has an exclusive Spanette fabric that allows you to feel comfortable and support even if you move too much.


  • Comfortable
  • Recommended for large chested woman
  • Plus-size
  • Supportive
  • Affordable
  • 16 colors
  • Made with good quality materials


  • The band may be too tight

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2. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Wire-Free Bra

The Vanity Fair Wire-Free Bra is a supportive bra ideal for women with large cup sizes. The bra stays in place and is very comfortable when worn. It does not dig into your skin and does not give pinching or hurtful experience. It comes with wide straps and the cups have enough thickness for full coverage.

The Vanity Fair Wire-Free bra prevents forming lumps along your sides and back especially if you are wearing fitting tops and dress. The padded cups provide a natural shape on your bust. It has a 4-way stretch fabric that offers a relaxing fit. The bra has different colors you can choose from.

This wire-free bra has a sleek design with no lines or bumps giving you an elegant back figure. If you are searching for a bra that can provide a good fit and full coverage for your large-sized bust, then this product is worth a try.


  • Comfortable
  • Wire-free
  • Different colors
  • Great support
  • Light padding
  • Good fit
  • Quality materials


  • Hard to close the clasps at the back
  • Pointy shape

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3. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra

The Bali Women’s Wire-Free bra works like shapewear, particularly on the under bust area. It features built-in support with very comfortable cups. It also comes with thick straps that allow the bra to say in place even with maximum movement.

If you are looking for a bra that can fit on your large body, then the Bali Women’s Wire-Free Comfort bra is on top of your list. It has a unique M-Frame built that provides a flexible fit and full coverage.

The Bali Comfort Wire-Free bra has the simplest design but can guarantee maximum comfort and support for your large breasts. This product is more of a sports bra type that is why the cups are snug and fit perfectly without any feeling of discomfort.


  • Full coverage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Provides back support
  • Comfortable cups
  • Easy to fit
  • Great overall support


  • Simple design

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Choosing the right bra for your large breasts can be a tough job only if you are not familiar with anything. So before you spend your money on shopping for bras, it is important first to familiarize yourself with proper bra size and fitting. It is important to analyze for body structure so that you can select the best fitting bra for your breasts.

Once you purchase the perfect bra, also remember to take good care of it. After all, spending a lot of money on bra is a good investment as it gives you not only support and everyday comfort but as well as prevent you from having health risks such as breast cancer due to poor protection of your busts.

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