Clothes that Flatter a Plus Size Figure

Clothes that Flatter a Plus Size Figure

Clothes that flatter a plus size figure

Are you worried about choosing the perfect piece of clothing for your plus-sized body? You might like a dress, but you may feel disappointed when it doesn’t fit you. However, after reading this article, you will find great relief in knowing that there are countless options you can try to flatter your plus size figure. It is all about choosing the right attire and flaunting them with confidence.

These clothing options are simple but powerful. It is a shame that not many plus size women have known the full potential of these fabrics. The best part about these clothes is that they help you conceal what you want and accentuate only those parts that you want others to notice.

More importantly, these options make you feel absolutely comfortable and proud of your body. You will love what you wear, and this, in turn, will reflect on your confidence & overall personality as well.

1. Dark-colored jeans

Also known as dark-wash jeans in the fashion world, this is a must-have fashion accessory in your wardrobe if you are plus size. Dark colors make you look slimmer than you already are. Also, they are great at concealing the extra flab around the waist area. Never make the mistake of wearing light-colored or light-wash jeans. Light colors will highlight your waist area more than ever.

When buying dark-wash jeans, you should always pick the ones that are simple and don’t have anything shiny on them. Wearing the latest fashion of distressed jeans or jeans with too many embellishments on them will only draw unnecessary attention to your waist. You wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

2. Wearing the right skirts

Do you have a heavy lower part of the body? If yes, all you have to do is to wear the right type of skirt and create the illusion of having a nice figure. Flaunt your curves well by wearing simple A-line or pencil skirts and matching pumps to highlight your waist and legs. These skirts create a nice grip at your waist and flow down to your thighs to make your figure look beautiful.

You have to remember two important points if you want these skirts to work to their full capacity. Firstly, remember to choose skirts that have small patterns on them. Small spots and thin, horizontal stripes work very well to conceal your heaviness. These skirts should fit you well and stop right below your knees to create the desired effect.

Secondly, you should wear a well-tailored, tucked-in shirt along with this skirt to make you look smarter and slimmer than before. A simple, excellent-fitting white shirt along with a thin-striped pencil skirt will make you look several pounds thinner than your original weight.

3. Black is beautiful

A simple trick to wearing clothes that flatter your plus size is to wear black as regularly as you can. Black suits, black skirts, black pumps, black jeans and more – it would do a world of good for you to stock all of these in your wardrobe. Black has the magical power to make you look way slimmer than you already are.

Have an important meeting at your workplace? Wear a smart, well-fitting black suit-set and watch people look at you in awe.  Have an evening party to attend? Change into a great-fitting little, black, figure-hugging dress to flaunt the curves that you want, with elegance & style.

4. Dresses that have a low neckline

While choosing dresses to flatter your plus size, ensure that you focus on their necklines. Choosing dresses that have a creative neck pattern, low necklines, embellished necklines, V-necks, etc. can take away the attention from your waist easily. However, you have to remember that there is only a slight difference between a low neckline and a plunging neckline.

You don’t want to reveal more than what is necessary, do you? If you are uncomfortable wearing low-neck shirts or tops, you can wear beautiful neckpieces to complement your looks.

5. Clothes that define your waist

The problem with loose shirts and long tops are that they don’t give a defined shape to your waist. Therefore, they make you look fuller and broader than before. This is why it is important to choose clothes that give a good shape to your waist. While a well-fit tunic top does make you look smart, adding a high-belt to it makes you look thin as well.

Ensure that you choose a narrow belt that is worn right below your chest to give a nice figure to your body. If you don’t want to wear belts, you can buy tops or shirts that have beading designs in the waist region.

The idea is for the top to grip your waist properly and give a defined shape to it. Sometimes, wearing a small overcoat that stops right below your chest over a white top could prove to be a great idea to accentuate your figure.

6. Wearing the right shapewear

Most plus-size women make the mistake of not wearing the right shapewear beneath their garments. Shapewear or body slimmers are considered to be the best choices of clothing to flatter a plus size figure. If you thought shapewear is worn to make you look thin, you are mistaken. Shapewear, as the name indicates, is an undergarment that you wear to conceal the extra flab.

You have a whole variety when it comes to choosing from the different styles of shapewear that are available today. Some pieces can be worn over your waist to make you flaunt an hourglass figure. Some pieces of shapewear can be worn from your waist till your legs to conceal the extra weight on your thighs.

You could also choose to wear biker shorts to give a good shape to your back. Alternatively, you could pick from bodysuits if you have an overall heavy body.

You would have got many fashion suggestions from your friends and so-called fashion experts on what you should wear and what you shouldn’t if you are plus size. Unfortunately, most of these suggestions are only fashion myths that do no good for your figure.

Are you really looking for clothes that flatter your plus size and accentuate your curves? Stop following these myths right away and start following these simple but effective fashion tips.

1. Don’t ignore the ruffles and other relevant detailing

Are you wearing plain, boring and dull clothes because you thought that unnecessary detailing on your dress would draw attention to your bulky figure? You are making a big mistake, in this case. Dull & boring clothes make you look fuller than before.

Try choosing clothes with a few ruffles, beading, ruching, side-seams and the like, but don’t go overboard with the details. When these ruffles and detailing designs are designed at the right locations, they can make you look smart and slim. The waist and the neck region are the ones where these details would work the best for your plus-size figure.

2. Don’t wear big & bulky clothes

Throw away clothes that are loose, baggy and bulky from your wardrobe right now if you want to flaunt your curves confidently. Loose and ill-fitting clothes make you look more voluminous than before. Always wear clothes that are tailored to fit your exact measurements, so that your curves are visible properly.

The stretchable fabric is the best choice to flatter your plus size because clothes made from this material make you look good without clinging on too tightly on you.

3. Don’t be afraid to try out new fashion trends

It is quite common for plus-size women to feel diffident when it comes to trying new fashion trends. They feel that their body is not cut out to carry new trends like the ones with slim figures. This is not true at all. The key is to know what kinds of styles you can carry off and not to have any inhibitions while trying new trends.

You could even wear a stylish crop-top without bothering about your bulky bust/waist, as long as you pair it up with a neat pencil skirt that stops at your knees. The skirt will give a good balance to your waist and take away all the attention from the extra flab there. Matching the latest fashion trends with the right accessories is the trick to flaunt your plus size without any doubts.

4. Don’t ignore the importance of button-down shirts

Many plus-sized women don’t want to wear button-down shirts for fear of highlighting the wrong features of their body. However, in reality, these simple button-down shirts can do a lot of good for your curves. Choose shirts that have some kind of ruching or ruffles pattern to add that extra effect and accentuate the beauty of your curves.

If you are uncomfortable wearing these shirts, the best way to sport them is to wear them beneath a smart, thin-striped blazer or jacket. This will make you look longer and slimmer than before.

As you can see, all you need to do is to make some basic changes to your wardrobe to flatter your plus-size figure.