How to Cinch a Dress Without a Belt

How to Cinch a Dress Without a Belt

How to Cinch a Dress Without a Belt

Women always love to put emphasis on their curves. The waist is the main asset of a woman that helps her highlight her shape. Through cinching the waist, a woman gets to have the more pronounced silhouette.

While wearing belts can be an easy tip, you can still have other options to be more creative. There are different ways that you can try to stylishly cinch your waist even without a belt.

Here are some examples you can try if you want to cinch your dress without the use of a belt:

  1. Knot the top

The simplest way to replace the belt on your waist is to tie the shirt into a simple knot. This styling technique can give a subtle deviation to an ordinary outfit. You may use ponytails or elastic materials that will enable you to tie the back of your top and make a fitted curve around the waist.

  1. You can use bows

You may skip the belt and instead, use tie bows around the dress. It can add an accent to your outfit-of-the-day and can surely highlight the waist as well. You will be amazed by the outcome of this style once you try.

  1. Use a jacket and tie it around the waist

When you are in a place with tropical weather, skip wearing the jacket. Instead, tie it around your waist when it gets warmer and you can remove and layer it on when you feel chilly.

  1. Replace belts with scarves

Aside from belts, a scarf can also function as an alternative. Aside from cinching your dress, it can also give a chic look in an effortlessly way.

  1. Try corsets

If you want a standout style, you can look no further. A corset is here to save the day. Try to explore the use of corsets. Layer it over your shirt and dresses to make a perfect shape. This style can surely highlight your shape and can add some trend to your look.

  1. Wear bum bags

Bum bags or belt bags can cinch your dress and at the same time, serve its purpose as a bag. Nowadays, there are many bum bags with various designs can that fit perfectly on any style of dress. Bum bags can hit two birds at the same time by serving as a belt to cinch your dress and it can free your hands from handling any bag.

  1. Tying your sweater

Yes, you can. A V-neck cardigan or sweater can be worn and be cinch around the waist. Doing this will let you not need any belts at all. In order to have a sleek look, wear your sweat, gather them, and fold under the back.

Then position the flaps around the torso at your waist, and finally tie the knot. You may tuck in any trim and buttons that may become visible.

  1. Choose silhouette

If you want to look feminine in dresses, avoid choosing a dress that will hide your curves. Instead, select body con dress, sheath dress, or silhouettes that are form fitting.

If you are not comfortable with body con dress, then you can go for a free-flowing dress that has a defined waist like a shirt dress or high-low styles. These types of outfits can make you have a slim waist without the use of belts.

  1. Opt to have dresses with wrap details

If you don’t want to wear any belt, you can still cinch your dress by opting g use styles like a wrap dress. This type of outfit is designed to have carves and linings on the waist without the need to use a belt in order to cinch.

  1. Blazers and vest

Blazers and vests can work like magic. Some may find it weird to pair it with dresses but they actually work well in cinching the dress even without a belt. There are many custom-made blazers and vest that have fitted shapes that can highlight the waist. Fitted vest and blazers have the property of tight shoulder and waist fit.

They create an illusion of having a slim waist, especially when worn as open in front. A vertical type vest or blazers can also establish a visual illusion of having a slim waist. They offer a very stylish and feminine look.

  1. Elastic casing on a dress

If you have old dresses that you want to wear but they don’t give you the sexy fit, worry no more because you can try do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to transform these old dresses into a fantastic outfit for any occasions. You don’t need a belt in order to cinch these dresses.

All you have to do is grab a pair of scissors, elastic materials, needles, and thread, then alter your own dress. It is not difficult as others may say. You can add an elastic casing to the waist so that it could perfectly fit around your waist.

  1. Tying your dress

If you have an old oversized dress, you can also transform this into an outfit that is being cinched to the waist. Even without belts, you can use your big dresses and tie them around on the back to give a right fit around the waist. You may use a ponytail in securing the tie at the back of your dress.

  1. Use some stamps

If you want a simple look, and a simple dress is boring you, then all you have to do is to use a stamp. Using this as an alternative to belts and a fun accessory at the same time can create a new and stylish look for you.


If you want to highlight your waist (even in pictures) through a fitted midsection but you don’t want to wear any type of belts, worry no more because there are many options you can try before giving up. You can use bags, scarves, vests, and more to help you cinch the dress you love without the hassle and bulky belts.