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How to Dress Professionally When you are Plus Size

How to Dress Professionally When you are Plus Size

How to Dress Professionally When you are Plus Size

How to dress professionally when you are plus size

If you think you cannot dress professionally when you are plus size, you are mistaken. Fashion is all about how to carry yourself in whatever you wear and not about the clothes you wear, per se. While there are quite a lot of plus-sized options for women for different occasions, you may not find as many options when you are looking for something professional or formal.

Here, we have discussed some of the smart choices you can try to look professional even when you are plus size. You must never let the size of your body define your personality. Make wise changes in your wardrobe and look your professional best every single day.

  1. Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are slim-fitting by nature. They have a narrow cut and are the best choices for women who have extra flab around their waist. These skirts do a great job of hiding your flab and making you look smart as well. The key is to wear skirts at the right length. Ideally, a pencil skirt that ends just above your knee is a great choice to look professional and classy at the same time.

A simple trick to make pencil skirts look all the more beautiful on you is to wear a contrasting silk shirt with it. You need to tuck the shirt in so that the attention on the area around your abdomen is diverted. For example, a tucked-in white silk shirt, black pencil skirt, slip-ons with moderate heels and minimal accessories, is one of the best professional looks for a plus-sized woman.

  1. Long tops with high belts

Are you looking for an excellent choice of clothing that will help you conceal the extra pounds around your stomach? Wearing long tops with slim-fitting trousers is a great idea, in this case. Here, you have to remember two important points.

Firstly, ensure that your tops are long enough to touch your knees. Asymmetrical tops are a better choice because they divert the attention away from your stomach and thighs.

Secondly, the most important fashion tip that you have to follow is to wear a high belt along with your long tips. Else, your tops will make you look wider than you already are.

Choose your belt wisely; belts worn exactly in the middle of the tops will make people focus on your waist & tummy region. Hence, you should wear belts that are high. Wear belts that fall just below your chest. This will not only accentuate the beauty of your tops but will also make you look smart.

  1. The professional business three-piece suit set

Who said plus-sized women could not wear business suits? Get a business suit stitched exactly to your size and see the difference it can bring to your appearance. While choosing suits, ensure that you don’t buy the plain ones.

These will not make any difference to your overall figure. Instead, you can opt for suits that have small patterns like stripes or checks on them. This will give you a smart & professional look.

  1. Wear clothes that fit you perfectly

More often than not, plus-sized women make the mistake of wearing loose and ill-fitting clothes to hide their weight. Are you one of them? If yes, please be informed that you are only going to look fatter than before in these clothes.  Regardless of the dress you wear, ensure that it fits you well.

While choosing shirts, you need to buy the ones that come with a proper cut, so that your features are accentuated well. If you plan to wear a dress to work, you need to buy the ones that come in an A-line or flared pattern.

These will drive away the attention from the extra weight on your body. When you wear loose and shapeless skirts or dresses, you are doing more harm than good to your body.

This rule should be applied when it comes to choosing your pants. In today’s fashion-crazy world, you will not find any problems with choosing trousers in various types of cuts. Slim-fitting or straight-leg or boot-cut trousers can make your legs look slim & beautiful. If your legs are plus-sized, avoid wearing flared trousers or pants with a shapeless cut.

  1. Wear dark colors often

This may sound a bit weird to you, but it’s true. Dark-colored clothes make you look slimmer and narrower than your original self, especially if those clothes fit you well. Some plus-sized women may have a heavy upper body, while some have a heavy lower body.

Wear dark colored shirts or pants based on your body type, and you will find a marked difference in your overall appearance. Black and navy blue are great color choices that you can often try while choosing professional outfits.

  1. Choose your designs wisely

Did you know that the designs on your dresses or suits could make a huge difference in your appearance? Contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes can make you look a little taller and slimmer, eventually. Don’t be afraid to try thin, horizontal-striped blazers or shirts or dresses, if you want to drive away the attention from your heavy upper body.

Alternatively, you can wear slim-striped pants, if you want to hide the extra flab on your legs. Next time, when you shop for professional clothes for your plus-sized figure, you know what type of stripes to choose, don’t you?

  1. White shirt

The simple white shirt dress never goes out of vogue regardless of your body size. It is one of the best dresses you can wear when you are looking for something smart yet comfortable. When you pair it with a dark-colored business suit, it becomes one of the most professional dresses for women.

You can also convert it into casual wear as well when you team it up with dark-colored jeans or slim-fit trousers. The only thing you need to remember is to ensure that you choose a good quality white shirt that fits you well and is made of stretchable fabric.

  1. Tunic tops with interesting neck patterns

Tunic tops with beautiful necklines such as V-neck, embroidered, embellished and the like, are one of the best and affordable choices of professional wear for plus size women.

If you don’t want others to focus on the extra flab around your abdomen and thighs, choose tops with creative necklines. If you are wearing a plunging or deep neckline, you can wear attractive neckpieces to help the focus stay only in the upper portion of your body.

  1. Body-slimmer

Not many of you may agree with this point because you may think that the body slimmer makes you feel uncomfortable. However, it is only a misconception. In reality, when you choose the right size and fabric of body slimmer, you can look good in any office or casual dress that you choose. Today, there are many types of shape-wear available.

If you choose a shape-wear that covers your waist, you can hide all the extra weight around that area and make your dresses fit your body well. There are styles of slimmers that conceal the flab around your thighs as well. Choose the right material, so that you feel comfortable in it, even when you wear the slimmer for a long time.

Some of the great fabric choices that you can try are blends of nylon & spandex or a new, breathable fabric called tactel. These materials not only make you feel at ease but also help you do your normal activities regularly without you being too conscious about your clothes.

Here are some tips that you can follow while choosing attire for yourself, especially if you are plus size.

  1. Choose the right accessories

Regardless of the attire you wear, if you don’t accessorize it well, it is going to be a failure. Accessories comprise of two main parts – shoes & bags. Unless you get these two right, you are not going to look the way you wanted to. The colors and size of your bags & shoes should complement the shade of your dress well.

Not sure about what shoe to wear? Go for the good, old pumps! They will never betray you. Avoid footwear that comes with ankle straps; your legs will look stout this way. When you choose handbags, remember to choose a medium-sized one to complement your body size.

  1. Wear only clothes that fit you well

If you are plus size, you should refrain from the habit of wearing loose, ill-fitting and baggy-type clothing right now. You are not hiding your huge figure in these clothes at all. Always wear only those clothes that fit you well and that are tailored to perfection. However, here is an important tip that you have to remember.

Never wear clothes that are too tight-fitting, as this will unnecessarily accentuate the flab that you wanted to hide! There is only a thin line of demarcation between well-fitting and tight-fitting clothes. You should never cross this line if you want to look smart & slim at all times.

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