How to Figure Out What Shape Your Body is

How to Figure Out What Shape Your Body is

How to figure out what shape your body is

They female body they say is a work of art. Little wonder then that the female form has caught the fancy of celebrated artists and sculptors across the world. But when it comes to a lady shopping for her clothes picking up the right kind of clothes according to her body type is a daunting task.

With so many choices all around, how do you decide the kind of clothes that will flatter your body type? If questions like this are clouding your mind, here is help at hand!

With these practical tips you can easily find out what is your body type and the clothes you can find accordingly.

Apple shaped body

If your hips and shoulders are around the same size or have very little difference in size, you have an apple shaped body. As an apple shaped girl you have a wide torso, a full bust and broad shoulders. Another trait of an apple shaped body is slim legs and arms.

The secret formula to flaunt your curves is to add flair to both your upper and lower half. Choose trousers with flair instead of the ones that fit tightly around your legs. For instance, bootcuts could be perfect for you. If you are more into skirts than trousers, a straight skirt can look great on you too.

What to avoid:

With an apple shaped body, you should avoid long and shapeless tops, chunky knits and baggy trousers. If you must wear the long tops in your closet, team them up with a waistband and matching heels to highlight your shapely legs!

Pear shaped body

If you are smaller on the top of your body with a slim waist but have hips that are wider, you are the owner of a pear-shaped body. The best way to dress for a pear-shaped body is to accentuate the upper half of your body and take away attention from your behind.

Highlight your upper body by wearing patterns and prints. For a pear-shaped body it is very important to wear a pair of trousers or a skirt with a nice fit, to create a balance. Choose skinny or fitted jeans or leggings to emphasise your curves. Amplify your look by throwing in a fancy jacket to the ensemble.

What to avoid

Stay away from flashy print on skirts, jeans and leggings if you have a pear shaped body. Tops with sloppy shoulders are also a strict no-no.

Hourglass shaped body

The owner of an hourglass-shaped body is often envied by many women who consider this the perfect shape for a woman. This body type is characterised by shoulders and hips of about the same size and a waistline that is significantly smaller.

If your waist is significantly smaller as compared to your hips and shoulders, you are indeed the hourglass! The best part of your body is naturally the small waist that must be highlighted. Make it a point thus to show off your lovely figure with a fitted top and slim fit trousers to enhance the effect of the hourglass.

The most important clothing tip for you to remember is to create a balance. So, for instance, if you have chosen a voluminous top, sweater or jumper, pair it off with a fitted bottom.

What to avoid:

Have an hourglass figure? Do not touch shapeless clothing with a barge pole!

Strawberry shaped body

If you have lean and small hips and shoulder and chest that are wider and fuller you are a sweet strawberry or the owner of a body that resembles an inverted triangle. With a strawberry shaped body, flared skirts are just the right thing for you.

Flared skirts enhance your hips and make them look proportionate to your tops. The other trick to dress appropriately is to accentuate the bottom with straight fit trousers or jeans in lighter hues. As for tops choose V necks or round necks that fall down straight.

What to avoid

Ladies with an inverted triangle or a strawberry shaped body should avoid short, tight tops wide collars and shoulder pads. Chunky knits and any clothing items that is outside your natural silhouette are a strict no.

Rectangle shaped body

Rectangle shaped bodies are ones that have shoulders, waistline, bust and hips that are mostly of the same size, with small variations here and there. Mostly shoulder hip and waist measurements vary within five percent of each other.

This body type is the most versatile of all, allowing you to wear a wide range of clothes from the athletic or sporty to the feminine. The advantage of owning a rectangle shaped body is that you can pull off a loose fit trouser very well, a feat that most other women cannot achieve!

Want to create a tiny waist? Wear a fitted top with boyfriend jeans. Ankle jeans is also a style you can sport with a slightly longer top if you don’t want to accentuate your waist.

What to avoid

While you can pull of most prints, style and patterns, vertical stripes is not your cup of tea as it will accentuate your rectangle shape.

A woman is often her own harshest critic beating herself up for the kind of body shape that she has. If you are wondering why a particular type of clothing looks sloppy on you while your friend may be looking like a million bucks in it, don’t blame your body weight for it and try to lose it all by putting in those extra minutes on the treadmill.

You may work out ten times as much as her, but your body shape that you are born with will not alter.

While getting fit is a good idea, don’t aspire to “lose weight” to have the figure of the woman next to you as her body type is likely to be different from yours!

Instead, use this ready guide to find out your own body type and pick out the clothes for your age that are a perfect fit with the shape of your body to feel confident! At the end of the day, do remember that it is all about loving yourself first!