How to Keep Leggings from Falling Down

How to Keep Leggings from Falling Down

How to keep leggings from falling down

There are many types of clothing that people use. One of the most common types of clothing is leggings. These elastic and stretchable pants-like outfit provides relaxing and comfortable for users. Leggings are also good for working out as well.

However, some of them may tend to slide down. There are many things why these leggings keep falling and it is important to know them all and to know what tips you can use to prevent them from happening.

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Why do your leggings keep falling down?

There may be a number of reasons why some leggings slide down. Here are some possible reasons:

  1. Wrong size

Leggings might be too big for you that is why they keep falling down.

  1. They are worn out

Most leggings are made of elastic materials. Over time, they tend to lose their elasticity because the fabric may have stretched. It could be possible that you have also lost weight that is why your leggings won’t fit anymore.

  1. Leggings are made of poor quality

Many producers of leggings may use poor quality materials in making your leggings to cut off costs. Ill-produced leggings will surely fall off overtime especially when overused.

  1. Body proportions

There is a good possibility that leggings fall down because your body might not have the right proportion for your leggings. For example, having a petite body and a medium to large leggings will obviously have falling leggings because it would not fit at all. Some hips may be too narrow for leggings or bum may be too small.

With all these possible reasons, here are some tips you should know on how to keep your leggings from falling off:

  1. Size matters

Most of the time, the main reason for falling leggings is the size. When your leggings are too big for your body, then it will not surely fit. Leggings are supposed to be skin tight. That is why to keep leggings from falling, you should get the one size that does not sag.

If you see some wrinkling near the crotch area or from the back of ankles and knees, then your leggings might be too big for you. To ensure the right fit especially on the waistband area, try to pinch the top of your pants and pull the waistband away from the waist. Then release the waistband. If you hear a loud snap, then it sure does fit accurately on you.

  1. Use high waist leggings

One of the best options you can use to prevent your leggings from falling off is to use high waist leggings. This type of leggings is very supportive and can eliminate muffin top.

This can make you look slim because the fabric in the waistband hugs and surrounds your torso which can keep your leggings from falling down. High waist leggings usually are positioned above the navel.

  1. Select brushed fabrics

Using brushed fabrics can provide traction against your body skin and thus preventing the leggings from sliding down.

  1. Try leggings with compression fabrics

Compressive fabrics are famous for being durable and for having a body-hugging feeling. They are excellent and perfect for high impact sports because they have a good grip on the body as they keep everything in. But you only have low impact activities such as yoga, then compression fabrics may not be a good idea.

  1. Use leggings with elastic built

You may use leggings that have high-quality elastic bands on the waistband. Having high-quality elasticity made on the waistband can support the leggings from falling down easily and keep them around the waistline.

  1. Top seam in the waistband

In terms of fit, top seams can make a difference in how you can wear leggings. Top seams can provide support around the waist.

  1. Leggings with waistband drawstrings

When adjusted correctly, leggings with drawstrings can help you keep the leggings from falling down. In the event that you have no drawstring leggings, you can use some do-it-yourself hacks such as cutting the leggings a hole on the inner front of the waistband and run a string or shoestring through it.

  1. Consider a Onesie

A onesie can assure you that almost everything will keep in place. Many performers and aerial artists prefer this type especially when suspended in the air.

  1. Use some belt

There are many modern denim leggings that are being sold in the market today. Some of them have built-in belt loops. You may use a skinny belt to keep your leggings up top and even look discreet.

  1. Wash them right away

Because of frequent use, clothes such as leggings may wear out eventually. The elasticity on the leggings may tend to give up and the fabric may stretch up to an unwearable size which could, in turn, cause the leggings from falling down.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your leggings, make sure to follow the instructions made by the manufacturer. For example, elastic clothes must be washed with cold water and be hung dry. Some also use a garment bag inside the washing machine to avoid the clothes from being stretched too much.

For leggings, try not to use a machine dryer. Instead, use the traditional way of drying clothes such as hanging them outside on a drying rack to avoid damage to the leggings. Proper care of clothes will lead to the longer lifespan of such.

  1. Use shorts, underwear or bikini bottoms over the leggings.

This may sound ridiculous but a big help. Using tight shorts or underwear can keep the leggings from sliding down. It’s something that Superman would do. However, this method may cause some difficulty such as when using the restroom.


Leggings are a type of clothing that most people use. It can be used in physical activities such as exercise, yoga, running, or even just casual wear. Over time, these leggings will surely change its quality and will into sliding down. There are several tips you can use to keep that from happening.

Whatever technique you will use, remember that leggings are an elastic type of clothing and proper care must be done in order to keep them intact for long use. If you have tights that are too small, use this guide. You also can refer to my post about pants that roll at the waist.