How to Look Thick in Jeans


How to Look Thick in Jeans

How to look thick in jeans

Jeans is one of the most comfortable clothing for women all over the globe today. Regardless of the destination that you travel to, jeans is universal wear that makes it compatible with women of all sizes. If you are a slim woman and you want to look thick in jeans, this article will help you to a great extent.

Here, we have given you simple tips that you can follow to make your butt and thighs look fuller and thicker. This way, even if you are on the skinny side, it wouldn’t show too much while wearing jeans.

1. Choose the Yoke of the Jeans Properly

If you didn’t know what yoke was all about, don’t worry at all. You are one among the thousands of women across the globe who have no clue about the yoke of their jeans. The yoke is the part found at the back of your jeans that is located between the waistband and the pocket region.

The yoke may not be one of the first things that you would notice while buying your favorite jeans. However, it does play an important role in highlighting the shape and size of your butt to make you look thick.  You should always wear jeans with a V-shaped yoke if you want to look curvy.

2. Highlight your Waistline

Regardless of the type of jeans and tops you wear, it is very important that you highlight your waistline properly. When you do this, your butt look highlighted and bigger than it already is, without taking much of an effort. There are a few things that you can do, to bring this look.

Firstly, whatever top you wear, ensure that you tuck it in tightly. This will make your waist look thinner than it is already and as a result, your butts will look rounded and thick.

Always ensure that you leave your waistline well-highlighted and open by tucking in your shirt, wearing an attractive belt or wearing a figure-hugging bodysuit. By doing all these, the shape of your butt will get accentuated naturally.

3. Opt for Light-Textured Jean Fabric

You may not have noticed before, but thick fabrics of clothes tend to make you look out of shape. If you want to highlight the shape of your butts, you should always buy jeans in light fabric.

This will flow on your skin very smoothly and adds the roundness and shape to your butt. Even when you follow all the other tips, if you don’t follow this technique, the purpose of looking thick in jeans will be defeated.

4. Opt for a Light Color of Jeans

This may sound strange, but it is a very simple and effective tip that you can try right away. When you wear light –colored jeans, the seams become quite obvious, thereby highlighting the shape and thickness of your butt tremendously.

When you wear contrasting, dark-colored top along with light jeans, your waist and butts get highlighted immensely.

5. Focus on your Footwear

The kind of footwear that you wear is very important to give you a thick look when wearing jeans. Sounds weird? Yes, even we thought this idea is quite strange, but when tried it out, we were amazed at the results that followed. If you want your butts to look thick and rounded in jeans, you have to wear footwear with heels.

When you wear heels, your body looks tall and slender. As a result, your butts look lifted, rounded and bigger than they already are.  More often than not, when you wear flats with even the best of jeans, it makes your butt look completely out of shape.  We would recommend you to wear around 2.5 to 3 inches heels to complete the look.

If you aren’t comfortable walking heels, we would recommend you to get accustomed to it, at least when wearing jeans, especially if you want to look thick and shapely while wearing them.

6. Wear Corsets or Waist Slimmers

When you want to make your butt look big, you have to focus on making your waist look slim. You can achieve this by wearing comfortable corsets or bodysuits under your top.

When your waist looks tucked-in and shapely under the corsets, your butt will naturally be pushed out, thereby making them look big and thick. This will also make your figure look curvy and very attractive.

7. Focus on the Shape of your Pant Pockets

Did you know that the shape and location of your pockets plays a huge role in deciding the shape your butt? Choose pants with over-sized pockets that are simple in their visual appeal. When your pockets have too much of embroidery work or embellishments on them, you are attracting unwanted attention on your butt.

Also, choose pants that have pockets on the lower side of the butt cheeks. Low-placed pockets make your butt look high and thick. Though these are simple tricks, they add a lot of value to the shape and visual appeal of your butt.


Whoever said that not all women could wear all dresses, didn’t have any idea about fashion! Fashion makes sense only when it can be adopted by women of all sizes. If you are very slim and you still want to look thick in jeans, the tips above mentioned should help you. Similarly, there are various tips and tricks to look tall, lean, short, shapely, curvy, etc.

The trick lies in knowing the basic fashion tips and following the right mix and match clothes that suit your body shape. As long as you have a perfect understanding of your body shape, you are doing fine. You can wear any dress that you want and still look classy, all the same.

Regardless of what you wear, you have first to ensure that you are comfortable in them. This is because fashion is nothing without comfort. Thanks to these tips, you can now flaunt your thick and curvy butt, even in the simplest pair of jeans, much to the envy of your friends.