How to Make an Oversized T Shirt Cute Without Cutting

How to Make an Oversized T Shirt Cute Without Cutting it

How to make an oversized t-shirt cute without cutting it

There is seldom a closet of a woman that does not have an oversized t-shirt that had been bought just because you liked it or you want to keep it or because it reminds you of a happy time like a vacation spent with a loved one.

The sad thing however, is that it is often relegated to an unknown corner of the closet or worse still ends up as nightwear because you don’t want to wear it fearing it will look sloppy on you and neither do you want to take the trouble of cutting it to size.

Well, if you are nodding along in agreement, here are some solutions to your problem. You can indeed make your oversized t-shirt cute without cutting it! Here is how:

Solutions for a Sports or Varsity Tee

Have an oversized t-shirt that is sports or varsity style? Simply wear it as it is as a trendy garment with sneakers or trainers for that sexy look that you can pull off. You can also throw a day wear cardigan in a contrasting colour over this tee for that urban chic look.

If you do not fancy yourself in simply the tee as a dress, simply add a belt and it will make for a great dress. You can even team it up with solid colour leggings, jeggings or tuck it in with a skirt with a sight flair. You can also keep it super stylish yet simple by knotting it up over a pair of well fitting jeans.

Heading out to the beach or a picnic with friends, you can even wear a knotted sports tee with a pair of shorts. The “French tuck” (now made famous by Tan France of Queer Eye fame) over an pair of denim shorts is just perfect for the “going out shopping” kind of look.

Accessorise with leather bracelets to complete the funky look. If your t-shirt is a monochrome you can simply roll up the sleeves and team it up with a pair of cool and well fitting black pants. Add a dash of colour to your outfit with some funky jewellery, a colourful sling or a cool pair of shades.

For Whites and Grey Tees

Own an oversized t-shirt that is either white or grey? The possibilities are infinite with such colours! The simplest solution is to team it up with your favourite skirt depending on the place you are headed out to.

For instance, if you headed to a bar or a lounge you can team up your white or grey with a long skirt and wear it over one shoulder. Add that extra oomph to your outfit by adding a leather belt.

Meeting friends for a quick bite? Just give your white or grey oversized tee a French tuck over a pair of black leather shorts. A slightly more formal meeting scheduled?

Ditch the shorts and wear your tee with a pair of cuffed jeans and a smart black blazer and your ready to rock a corporate boardroom! If you are in love with your ripped denim skirt, you can pull off a down town street look with you grey top either tucked in over it, or knotted at the side. Accessorise with a pair of black pencil heels.

A v-neck white or grey tee would also be awesome with a black leather skirt or for that matter a mini skirt in a dark colour. Accessorise well with a funky neck piece and chunky bracelets.

If travel is on the cards, you can rely on your white or grey shirt to create multiple looks. For instance, you can team it up with a black shrug, leggings and ankle boots if you headed for a visit to the museum and similar places.

If bar hopping is on the agenda, choose shorts instead of leggings and carry a colourful stole or scarf and you are good to go! Denim overalls over a white tee are also perfect when you are travelling and want to keep it light and cool!

If you are heading out to the airport after the trip, the white or grey t-shirt is perfect for the occasion too, when teamed up with a pair of well-fitting jeans and a leather jacket.

For Grunge Lovers

Do you have a mega-sized grunge tee that you are unable to part with? Here’s what you can do with it. Give it a glamorous twist by teaming it up with a glossy pleated mini skirt. Complete the look with grunge inspired make-up and a pair of killer boots.

If its an especially long tee, you can simply wear it over one shoulder and add a leather belt to transform it into a funky dress. Fancy the retro look? You can roll up the sleeves and accessorise with a choker and a matching headband. A few meta rings on the fingers, knee high boots and you are quite the retro diva!

How about the biker look with your grunge tee? Just slip into a biker jacket over the tee and team it up with leather or even ripped denim shorts.

A pair of kid boots and you are ready to rock! Not in a mood to wear shorts? Not a problem. Wear a long armed tee with leggings and layer it up with the grunge tee. Kohl laden eyes, a dash of lipstick and you are ready to sizzle!

So now that you have a handful of ideas of how to make use of the oversized tee, you no longer have to sleep in it or putz around in it on one of those lazy weekends.

All you need to do is accessorise smartly and all those unused tees lying in your closet open up whole new outfit opportunities for you!

So go ahead and take out those oversized tees and earn a million compliments by transforming them into sexy outfits. The best part about these ideas? You don’t have to cut them up to look cute!