How to make yourself look skinny in pictures (14 Quick Tips)

How to Make Yourself Look Skinny in Pictures

How to Make Yourself Look Skinny in Pictures

How to make yourself look skinny in pictures

The power of cameras and the evolution of photos have come a long way in today’s generation. From traditional photo taking using manual cameras, to high-end smartphones with built-in cameras, technology has invaded every almost all part of our daily lives.

With the evolution of cameras, editing software, and the like, people have become more conscious of how they look in their pictures.

Because of the increasing popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, everyone is mindful of how many hearts and likes they would get from a picture perfect post. That is why they see to it that their photos are excellent and worth-liking.

However, one of the challenges they encounter is that cameras don’t lie. They usually reveal how someone would really look in their photos. A bad photo can really ruin someone’s mood and image. There are people who are concerned that they will look “heavier” in their posts.

Fortunately, there are tips on how to look skinny in photos even without the use of editing applications such as Photoshop or having to hire a professional photographer with advanced sets and lighting tools.

Here are several tips you need to know on how to look skinny on pictures.

  1. The power of tongue and chin

Sticking out your chin or tongue might a be a little weird for a photo post but it surely can make you skinny in actual photos. It prevents you from having a double chin. Another tip to look thin on pictures is to smile while putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Rumor has it that some celebrities like Rene Zellweger are using this kind of trick.

  1. Don’t get photographed from below.

One of the golden rules of camera tricks for chubby persons is to never allow yourself to be snapped from below. It makes you look more pounds heavier. It is best if the camera is slightly above you. This angle will make you need to look up which in turn can elongate your neck and thins out your torso.

  1. Dress properly

Another simple but effective tip on how to become skinny in pictures is to select the proper dress that can make you thin. Using a one-colored dress is a good choice and remember to use shapewear if you are wearing a tight gown or dress.

Avoid wearing bulky clothes because it could make you look heavier. Having a good outfit is the basic foundation of a good photo.

  1. Turn your body slightly.

Most celebrities do this. In order to look slim and good on pictures, they slight turn their bodies toward the camera, having one foot in front of another. Following this would let you point your toe towards the camera, and placing your body weight on the back foot.

  1. Place your arm on the hip.

Have you ever wondered why most celebrities pose with their arm on their hips? This is actually a trick that lets their upper arm not be smooshed against their body. This pose makes their body flattened.

  1. Hair can make you look slim

When doing a hairdo, make sure that it is not too severe. Some hairdos can make your neck thinner and longer. Hairstyles such as braids, buns, or ponytails can make your face and body appear larger because they are too tight which can create harsh angles.

  1. Sit properly.

It is always advisable to take photos while standing. But in the event that you are being photographed while sitting, make sure to sit properly. Make sure to cross your legs so that your calves and thighs will look slimmer. Not only does it make you thinner but it could also make you classier.

  1. Have a fake tan

Another tip on how to look slimmer in photos is to apply a light spray tan on your arms, legs, shoulders, or neck. If you are someone who likes to show off some skin, a subtle glow can make you skinnier in your photos.

  1. Avoid sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight in the event that you are shooting outdoors. Direct sunlight can make you tilted and make your jawline fat. Try to reschedule photoshoots early in the evening or in the late afternoon in order have a good looking outdoor photo.

  1. Don’t stand near the camera.

One of the basic rules when taking photos is to stand away from the camera. Being close to it would surely make you appear larger. This does not only apply to people but in anything being snapped in general.

  1. Cover up your body

Another traditional trick especially if you are wearing a tight or bulky dress is to cover your middle area using your bag to mask the expanded part of your body in pictures. Use your purse to protect from unwanted photos that could emphasize your midsection.

  1. Avoid wearing patterns

Most stylists would recommend not to use clothes that have bold patterns because they draw too much attention to unwanted curves.

  1. Stand straight

When being photographed, remember to stand properly. Slouching can make you appear shorter and can create an unflattering appearance of your midsection.

  1. Never place your arms on the side

Fashion bloggers suggest that people should avoid placing their arms on the side when doing pictures because it would make their torso and shoulders wider. Instead, people should place their arms on their waist or by the hair or holding the arms on the back so it will not press against the body.


A perfect picture is something that everybody wants. There are many people who want to look good in their pictures. They want to look slimmer and skinnier not just for the likes and shares they could get on Facebook or Instagram but because people really want to make themselves feel better.

Having a good photo could improve one’s mood and overall self-esteem and there are many ways to achieve this such as the tips mentioned in this article. Thanks for reading How to make yourself look skinny in pictures.

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