How to Stop Foundation Settling in Pores

How to Stop Foundation Settling in Pores

How to Stop Foundation Settling in Pores

Are you wondering how to stop foundation settling in pores?

Foundation is one of the basic principles of makeup. It helps you highlight your facial features and make you look more beautiful than you already are. More often than not, a foundation also works as a great concealer. It helps you hide your acne, pores, blackheads, scars and the like.

Sometimes, when you apply foundation, you might notice that it settles in your pores, making them look bigger than they are. These foundation-filled pores can make your skin look dry and dirty. Have you wondered how to master the art of applying foundation effectively without it settling in your pores? Here are some tips that will help you master this art:

1. Clean Skin is a Must

Though it is a simple tip, many women forget to follow this. It is very important to apply foundation only after you have cleansed and washed your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser.

Make sure that your skin is free from dirt, grime, gunk, oil and other substances before you apply foundation. You can be assured of an even foundation application when your skin is clean and clear.

When there are any traces of dirt and dust on your skin, it can result in foundation getting stuck in some places. As a result of this, some foundation can enter into your open pores and settle there, making them look big and ugly.

A simple skincare routine such as cleansing your face thoroughly before every application can help you get rid of this problem.

2. Hydrate your Skin

Have you ever thought about the reason why foundation enters into the pores and fine lines during application? This is because the surface of your skin is flaky and the foundation you apply comes out in the form of lumps or cakes. This cakey application settles into your pores, making you look many years older than what you actually are.

The simple way to get rid of this problem is to apply foundation on moisturized skin at all times. When foundation is applied on dry and dull skin, it can result in cakey application.

For it to flow smoothly on your skin evenly on all the areas, your skin has to be soft and supple. Applying a moisturizer before application of foundation is, therefore, a mandatory tip that you have to remember.

3. Use of Primer is a Must

A primer is the fundamental concept of the huge subject known as facial makeup. It is quite surprising that not many women give primer the credit it deserves. A primer helps to prepare your skin well for foundation application. This serves two purposes – foundation not settling into pores and providing an even application.

A primer makes your face smooth and ready for even application of foundation. Therefore, you can be assured of the longevity of the foundation on your skin. You can also avoid problems such as a flaky face because your skin is smooth and absorbs the foundation well because of the primer.

4. Powder Finish is a Great Choice

If you want your makeup to look flawless and if you want to prevent the foundation from settling into your pores, you should complete your look with a lightweight powder finish. More often than not, foundation that doesn’t stick on to the skin tends to get into the pores and fine lines after a few hours of application.

To avoid foundation from getting scattered, you can press some lightweight powder on your face immediately after applying the foundation. You get to enjoy two benefits because of this.

Firstly, your foundation will remain intact on your skin for a longer time than usual. Secondly, the setting powder will hold your foundation well and prevent it from entering into the pores or fine lines.

5. Smooth and Blended Finish

You have cleansed and moisturized your face well before applying foundation. However, still do you notice that the foundation has entered into the pores on your face? If yes, it only means that you haven’t applied the foundation properly. It is very important that you use the right kind of brush for blending the foundation well into your skin.

Regardless of your preference (sponge or brush), you should ensure that you spread the foundation evenly on your face so that it gives a smooth and flawless finish. Your foundation should flow smoothly blending well on all the parts of your face, so that there is no room for accumulating anywhere near the pores.

6. Make your own Foundation

If you have tried all these tips and still find foundation settling inside the pores, it is time to customize your foundation according to the type of your skin. Many women have experienced success when using liquid foundation.

All you need to do is to mix a little bit of your foundation with some essential oil or your moisturizer to get a thick, liquid-like consistency.

Apply this liquid foundation evenly all over your face to avoid instances of a cakey application. Use your brush or sponge to ensure that you have spread out the foundation well so that your skin can easily absorb the same. This will also make your face look shiny and more beautiful than ever.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would like to reinstate the point that you need to maintain your skin well to avoid foundation from settling into the pores and fine lines. It is very important to wash your face thoroughly and remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed every night.

This will make your skin free from dirt, oils, grime, etc. When foundation is applied on a clear and hydrated skin, the chances of it settling into the pores are very low.

Always use a little amount of foundation first and spread evenly all over your face. Applying more foundation than necessary can result in flaky skin and foundation settling into the pores.

It is not about the quantity of foundation you apply but the quality of your application that makes a lot of difference. Use a neat sponge or brush to spread out the foundation evenly on your face to avoid your pores getting highlighted unnecessarily.

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