How to Stretch Tights That are too Small

How to Stretch Tights That are too Small

How to Stretch Tights That are too Small

How to stretch tights that are too small

Tights are one of the most common outfits that people use whether it is for casual or formal style. It is a kind of clothing that covers from waist to the toe tips. They have a tight fit. Tights are being used mostly with a skirt or a dress.

It has several styles from opaque, sheer, fishnet or a combination of such. Having tights that are too small can make you uncomfortable and in a very difficult situation. Clothes that are made with elastic materials such as tights are made to stretch out. That is why many people prefer to use them because they offer comfort and relief.

However, because tights are elastic in nature, they tend to change in size and shape because the elasticity weakens over time. Some tights also need to be stretched because they are too small. And there are several ways to do this:

  1. Wash and Stretch

In order to stretch your tights, soak them in a hot water so that it can help relax the fibers. Hot waters in a cycle are set to a maximum temperature. So you can wash your tights in the washing machine with the hottest setting or you can soak your tights on your sink with hot tap water.

The next thing you should do is to wear tights while it is still wet. It may be uncomfortable but it can work. This method is perfect for you if want to stretch your tights just a little. The last thing you should do is to keep the tights on your body and be active for almost an hour or until the tights are completely dry.

Moving around as much as possible will enable the material to stretch more. You may do some workouts to help you dry easily such as jogging in place, squats, or bending. The length of time the tights will dry will depend on the quality of the fabric. The thicker it is the longer time you will need to dry them off.

  1. Try Using Some Weights

Again, soak the tights in a hot cycle on the washing machine or by using tap water from the sink. Then place the tights on a flat surface while it is still hot. You may use your kitchen counter or any working table that can’t be damaged by hot water.

Do not use the surface that can turn white when wet because this will leave watermarks on your tights. Then place some weight on your tights. It can be around 1.5 to 2.3 kilograms. You can use anything to weight down your tights. Make sure it is heavy enough to hold the fabric when you stretch it.

You may use a stack of books or a leg of your bed to secure weight over the tights. Make sure to use weights that cannot be damaged when it becomes wet such as painted wood. Lastly, stretch out the fabric from one side placed with heavy material and secure the other side with some heavy materials too.

Make sure that your weights are heavy enough that the tights will not be able to snap or retain to its original state. The weights should be able to maintain the tension that is being stretched in the elastic tights.

Allow the tights to dry for at least one hour. If you remove the weights while the tights are still wet, the fibers will shorten as they dry. This will lead to the tights going back to its original shape and not being stretched enough.

  1. Stretching the Waistline

The elastic waist on a pair of tights can be stretched in order to provide you with a better fit. To do this, first, you need to place the tights in a bucket of cold water which will cover the tights completely. Then soak the tights for about 30 minutes. After which, remove them from the water and ring them out.

The next thing you will do is to stuff an old shirt into the waist of the tights. Add enough clothes to let the waist be stretched up to its maximum limit. But be careful not to put too much as it may cause the fabric to run and be damaged. Next, hang the tights to dry over for about six hours until the tights become stretched completely.

Aside from the ways on how to stretch your tights, we have also added a list of things that you should know about tights or when you decide to buy one:

  1. Always Check for Damages

When wearing tights or just about to buy them, always check if the item has damages. Wearing a pair of tights can give you a sophisticated and comfortable look. That is why you need to have some good quality tights that do not have damages or runs.

  1. Remedies for Runs

If you notice that your tights have run, or is about to break, one thing you can do is to put some nail polish or hairspray. According to confirmed users, applying these types of products may be able to stop the hole or run from getting bigger.

  1. Wash the Tights Wisely

Handwashing is still the best way to take care of your garments. However, if you don’t have the time to do hand washing, then you may opt to put the tights on a washing machine but remember to use mesh bag dedicated for laundry use so that your tights will not be damaged.

Remember that using a dryer is a no-no. Never put your tights on the dryer as it will likely damage the fabrics and weakens the elasticity of the tights.


Tights are one of the most comfortable types of clothing anyone can wear. Having a good pair of tights or leggings is a wise investment because you can use it at all times.

When doing physical activities, wearing a pair of tights can make you more comfortable. However, tights are made with elastic materials and they weaken over time. That is why the above-mentioned tips can help you a lot when your tights become smaller and need to be stretched.

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