How to Wear a Corset with Jeans

How to Wear a Corset with Jeans

How to Wear a Corset with Jeans

When it comes to fashion, there are many styles that you can choose from. Every year, there are trends that become popular and they always look good no matter what. The number of fashion styles has no limit. Even styles during the 1800s have evolved and now gaining a reputation in the modern fashion world. One example of this is called corset.

What is a corset?

A corset is a piece of garment that has been used for a long time. It is made of strong but flexible fabric, usually leather, cotton, or satin, that is being reinforced by steel boning to provide great strength in cinching your waist and highlighting the curves of your bust line and hips.

Corsets are being tightened and then being laced up on the back. They are designed to fit around the midsection of the body which can either be underbust or overbust, depending on your style preference.

Types of corset

Corsets do vary in shape, style, materials, fit, and colors. They can be underbust or overbust. They can be made with plastic boning or steel. If you

Underbust Corset

An underbust corset obviously begins under the breast ends at the beginning of the lap. The most recommended for first timers is the black cotton underbust with removable garters. You can add more styles and materials in the future with several patterns and PVC materials.

This type of corset can be worn as an undergarment that can support or a fashion accessory over clothes. This provides an hourglass shape and is great for the posture as it provides back support.

The main advantage of an underbust corset is its versatility. You can have a simple underbust made of cotton and you can wear it over several outfits and styles.

Popular types of Underbust Corset include:

– Longline

– Cincher

– Bodice

– Corsets with wide straps

– Waspie

Overbust Corset

On the other hand, overbust corsets start under the arms and end at the hips above. This type of corset lifts up the breast and reduces the waistline. It can provide excellent support for the back.

They can be worn for an elegant evening event or for everyday use. Wearing a pair of heels with this corset could give you a head-turning look that gives a feminine posture.

Popular types of overbust include:

– Lingerie corset

– Cupped corset

– Bustier

– Flat-Front style

– Sweetheart neckline

How to wear a corset with jeans?

If you want to wear a corset with jeans, there are a number of things that you should remember first in order to have a good-looking outfit. Check out our top picks for jeans if you have curvy thighs.

  1. Find the right corset

Finding the right style of corset is the first thing you should do. Jeans can be tricky and you must be able to find the perfect match that could fit your style. You need to consider what style of corset would suit your body.

It can be overbust which can cover your chest and is good for small to medium breast, or, you can try an underbust that can emphasize the waist. This type of corset is more versatile because it can be worn on any outfit aside from jeans.

The color and material are the next things you should consider. It is best to wear a corset with a neutral color. Black is the most recommended as it can be your good-to-go clothing in the closet.

  1. Type of jeans

-No to High-waist Jeans

A typical corset is placed on the top of the hip bones that is why a high-rise or high-waist jeans are not a good match. Instead, you have to wear some low ride jeans that have an elastic waistband.

If there is a chance that the top of your jeans will overlap between the bottom of the corset, all you need to do is to position the corset on the top of the waistband and not by tucking it inside the jeans because it may damage the steel bones that come with the corset.

If your combination of style produces a muffin type posture, then try to have shapewear. You must also wear a tank top inside your corset in order to bring you comfort or spandex which can help provide more comfort out of the unwanted pudge.


Just like jeans, a pair of trousers can also be a good choice for a corset because it sits low on the waist. You may want to wear a trouser with a wider waistband in order to provide more comfort and padding for the hips.  One of the most favorite styles that professionals love is a pair of trousers combined with a blazer.


Leggings can be tucked gently below the corset which can give you more comfort because of its elastic waistband. Leggings can also look great with blazer and heels.

  1. Add some accessories

Corsets are not just undergarments that are worn inside or outside of clothes. They can also be worn as tops and be paired with jeans. When wearing a corset with jeans, you need to add some accessories in order to have a classy look.

A black lacy corset would be an excellent choice to a pair of denim jeans. Add some black necklace accessories in order to have a stronger look and at the same time have a feminine twist on it.

  1. Put on some blazers

Another tip that you might want to remember is to add some layer on your top such as a black blazer in order to offset the lacy lingerie style of the corset. This type of outfit can give you a semi-formal happy go lucky look.

  1. Heels or pumps

Corset, like any other clothes, can be worn as a top. When paired with jeans, a corset becomes elegantly-looking when combined with pumps, heels, or even ankle boots.

Jeans especially the skinny type can highlight a corset when heels are being used. This is because the heels or pumps enables the body to have a good posture which can help define the body in order to give a sexy and stylish look.


Corsets have been gaining popularity over the years as people have discovered how useful this undergarment can be. Corset can create a killer curve that most women want to achieve that is why modern fashion stylists are exploring many techniques on how to use corset more fashionably.