I Have no Waist what Should I Wear?

I Have no Waist what Should I Wear

I Have no Waist what Should I Wear?

I Have no Waist what Should I Wear?

When your body shape is in such a way that you have no waist at all, you often fall into one of these categories – you are either too round or too thin.

Regardless of the category that you are in, you will find it quite a challenge to choose something to wear. More often than not, you don’t know what looks good on you, and you pick the first thing that comes to your hand.

However, you might be thrilled to know that doing some simple but smart changes in your wardrobe can help you dress beautifully, even though you don’t have a visible waist shape.

You might have everything that we are about to suggest already in your wardrobe. It is all a matter of mixing and matching the right set of clothes so that they complement each other and make you look good.

  1. Top and flared pants

If you don’t have a waist, one of the first things that you have to focus on is to dress in such a way that people don’t notice your waist shape (or the lack of it, in this case)! If you have a top with intricate detailing and an attractive neckline, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is to pair it up with flared pants/jeans or boot-cut jeans.

Flared pants are coming back into vogue in the fashion scene these days, and they go well with long and short tops. If you have a tall and slender structure, flared pants will accentuate your height well and make you look smart.

Here is a point to note- if your body structure is round and short, this idea is not for you; you can follow some of our other recommendations listed below.

  1. Long skirts do the trick

Do you want to dress in such a way that your lack of waist shape doesn’t prove to be a hindrance? You have to stock your wardrobe with quite a few long skirts. Long and flared skirts that flow from your hip freely make you look well-dressed.

If you want to opt for formal skirts, you can choose the ones that are at least the length of your knees. Short skirts will expose your thighs and place your waist as the centre of attraction when people look at you. We are sure you wouldn’t want this attention, would you?

  1. Tops that make your torso look long

You don’t have to worry at all if you don’t have a waist. Wearing long tops and tunics that end below the hip bone make your upper portion of the body (torso) look long, thereby diverting the attention away from your waistline.

A key point to remember here is to wear attractive tops and tunics, so that when people look at you, they cannot see beyond your top. Sleeveless tops, tops with bold and trending necklines, tops designed with heavy work in dark colours, etc. are some good ideas that you can consider.

  1. Belted coats for round structures

If you don’t have a waist because you are too round, you will need to dress up in coats, jackets or tops that have belts. Belts help to create a narrow look around your waistline, thereby making you look slimmer. These belts also help you create the right kind of curves on your body, even if you don’t actually have them!

  1. Dresses that define your waist

Since you don’t have a waist already, you should ensure your dresses define your dress structure for you. A corset top could be a great start for you to show off your shapely waist.

Corsets are very comfortable, and they will give a fantastic structure to your body right from the chest to the waist area. You could also wear simple empire waist tops that help to highlight your overall body structure.

Some tips to note

  • Avoid any kind of waist detail in your dresses, because this will take the attention of the people to your waist, something that you don’t want, at any cost.
  • Remember to make your tops as flattering as possible, except when wearing empire waist tops. Plunging necklines, off-shouldered tops, sleeveless tops, open necklines with beautiful neck pieces, etc. are some ideas that you can try, if you want to make sure that people don’t notice your lack of waistline.
  • If you plan to wear bold necklines or sleeveless tops, remember to wax your skin to get rid of unnecessary hairs. Well-toned arms and clean armpits can help you carry out your top with confidence and style.
  • It is highly recommended to invest in a corset, as it will make you look thinner and smaller than before, apart from highlighting the curves around your waist.
  • Do not wear clothes that are made from fabric that clings on to your skin. When you don’t choose the fabric of your dress properly, the entire purpose of wearing the dress is defeated.
  • Skirts and dresses that make your legs slim and long are good ideas to cover up for your lack of waistline. We did tell you about long skirts, but you could also consider other options such as sheath dresses, wraparound skirts, princess seam-patterned dresses and the like.
  • You could try asymmetrical tops or dresses as well to complement your skirts or jeans. Like flattery tops, these too, will take the focus away from the tummy area and make you look slim and fit.
  • Try to wear dresses that are of the same colour and pattern all through. This will help in making your structure look elongated.
  • You should stay away from wearing stiff or body-hugging fabric, as these will make your waist look fuller and larger than it already is. Always opt for body-draping fabric, which is nothing but a fabric that flows freely on your skin, but doesn’t cling on to it.
  • Ensure that the patterns, highlights and all the embellishments found on your tops are above the waist area (ideally, the bust area is where you should have these). This will take the attention away from your waist.

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