Interview Dress Tips for Female Professionals

Interview Dress Tips for Female

Interview Dress Tips for Female Professionals

Interview Dress Tips for Female Professionals

You might have heard of the saying “The first impression is the last impression”, meaning that the way you present yourself the very first time you meet someone is a memory that will continue to persist in the mind of that person about you as an individual.

This is especially essential for candidates applying for a job interview and hoping to get selected. When you step foot into an interview, not only are you judged by your ability to handle pressure and by what skills you acquire but you are also assessed on the way you carry yourself.

This includes your personality, body language and your style of dress. Wouldn’t you want to present your best self in front of the interviewer? Here we will discuss some do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for an interview.

The Dress Code is Very Important in Formal Settings

Dress code is a must all the time.  This is inclusive mostly of formal wear. You must bear in mind that interviewers are also on the lookout to see if you know how to present yourself for the interview.

It is a given that you cannot show up to the interview in your casual wear and pajamas unless you want to make a mockery out of yourself. The point is that the job interviewers expect you to follow a certain dress code in accordance with the theme of the occasion which in this case is an interview.

But what about my qualifications? Do they not matter even if I do not fit in with the dress code?

Yes, you are also judged on your presentation of yourself; therefore, there is a high chance that even if you do meet all of the qualifications that are required by the interviewer, you would still be shown the door if your dressing skills are not on par with those of the others.

No one likes a person with dirt-filled fingernails or ones that go around wearing an offensive print T-shirt. The same goes for people who do not follow the code of conduct in the interview. Would you hire a person who demonstrates themselves this way?

Don’t Flaunt your Skin by Wearing Revealing Clothes. Dress Modestly.

You should also be mindful of the fact that even if you choose to wear formal wear, you must avoid flaunting a lot of your skin. Dress in a modest way which is also in agreement with the office or interview norms. A great deal of offices don’t entertain the showing of arms/hands. See Smart Casual Interview Outfits for Females.

Sleeveless tops are not appropriate and are frowned upon in a lot of offices and or workspaces. If you decide to wear one, make sure that you put on a sweater or a jacket of some kind to cover up. This tip will also come in handy as a lot of offices tend to be chilly and cold.

Believe it or not, the way you dress can give away your personality in many ways. It can help in explaining someone’s personality. For instance, if you leave for an interview and are not dressed appropriately, then you cannot really expect yourself to get hired just like that when your first impression didn’t even sit well with the interviewer!

Dressing well can boost a person’s self-confidence immensely and thus lead to better communication skills from their end. Dressing well tells us a lot of things about an individual and gets their very first impression imprinted into our minds.

Keep an eye on the length of your dress and/or skirt and refrain from buying ones that tend to be a bit too short for the corporate atmosphere. Slits of any kind are frowned upon and be mindful when you buy clothes baring those. High slits are also not approved by many. Skirts that fall a little above your knee are allowed as part of the dress code.

Being Well Groomed

As mentioned before, no one likes a person who has dirt-filled fingernails. Now, no one would go so far as to check your fingernails in the interview; however, it is your responsibility to be well groomed and trim your nails to your convenience.

The same also applies when it comes to your hair. Would you prefer a candidate with uncombed and messy hair that hasn’t been washed in weeks or one that has been well combed and spruced up? The answer is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Give attention to every single detail, be it to your hair or nails or even your own fragrance.  It is also possible that you are a person who easily sweats; if this is the case, then be wary of the sweat patches being formed under your clothes. It is certainly not the look interviewers are looking for.

Use deodorant and other remedies to avoid being embarrassed with this issue.  Being well dressed also shows the interviewer that you have done your homework and pay attention to details. It also puts forth the point that you care enough to put in efforts on your appearance and have prepared well for the ordeal.

Stand out From the Rest by Being Well Dressed

Another reason that you should be well groomed is that it provides you with an edge over the others. Believe it or not, people always judge each other by their physical appearance which means that the best dressed person in the room is always looked up to by the others in the same room.

Or in other words, if you are the best dressed in the room you immediately stand out from the others in the crowd.

One, this lets you have an edge over the others, thus making you a secret favorite of the interviewers and two, by making yourself presentable you end up boosting your chances of making a good impression on the interviewer.

Thus proved, a fine suit, polished & shining shoes, and a sleek watch are all it takes to woo the interviewer, provided you possess all the qualifications. See Women’s Suit for Interview Success for our top choices.

Whether one likes it or not, the way in which we dress has an impact on how people look at us. Various things such as the cut, style, and color of the clothes that we sport as well as the accessories we wear really say a lot about how we are as a person.

For this purpose, you need to dress well as it multiplies your confidence in yourself. Select the clothing which reflects your own self and the image that you want to display.

Dress Well to Boost your Self Confidence

When you dress well, you also boost your own confidence in yourself. There’s a feel-good feeling and no one can get enough of it. Thus, by increasing your confidence levels you are also more prone to doing well in the interview. The more positive you feel about yourself, the better you project yourself in the interview.

The interviewer, in turn, will also be impressed by your confidence in yourself and you might just become the person that will be chosen for the job. It’s a win-win situation!

Avoid Wearing Too Much Jewelry

If possible, keep your jewelry adornation to a bare minimum. Body piercings are also not welcome in a professional environment; therefore, you should steer clear of such body jewelry as well as studs.

Another thing to take notice of is tattoos. Tattoos of any kind do not mix in well with some of the interviewers. Therefore, it is advisable to cover them up if they are placed in spots noticeable to the human eye.

Carry Professional Looking Accessories

You can spot a lot of people carrying backpacks/college bags to their interview location. However, it is advised not to do so and to just leave that bag at home. A rather professional looking accessory is more suited to your outfits such as the likes of a folder or a briefcase.

By dressing in the right outfit for the occasion, you are projecting an image that you are serious about the job and respect the time of the interviewer, plus you are showing genuine interest in the position they are offering. All in all, it also demonstrates that you have an understanding of this corporate culture.

This also shows that you are a person who can very fluidly fit into the workplace dynamic. Carrying along professional looking accessories not only enhances your chances of landing your dream job, but also makes you look more presentable.

You can only make a good presentation if you look like it. Carrying a backpack or a fanny pack will immediately degrade and diminish your chances of landing the job by half or more. Similarly, wearing jeans or pajamas will do the same to you whereas a suit and a tie will save your honor.

Wear Minimalistic Makeup

They say, ‘too much of everything is not good’. In this case, too, it holds true. Just like the body jewelry you can keep the makeup to a bare minimum. This avoids taking the attention away from the main goal which is the interview. Flashy outfits and over-the-top/extravagant clothes tend to do just that. Avoid them at all costs and stay as simple as possible!

Slip into Comfortable Clothes

One cannot exaggerate this point enough-comfort is key. Even if your choice is open to formal wear and skirts, etc., choose only the clothes that you are comfortable to wear. This is because if you make comfort your priority, then you would easily speed through the interview without a hint of hesitation.

On the other side if you shopped for clothes you don’t feel confident with, then for the entirety of the interview you may come across as a person who is easily diverted, inattentive and fidgety.

Regarding the color of the outfit, you can always opt for professional-looking colors such as navy blue, black, and grey. Look for suits/blazers (if you are opting for them) with arms that will end at your wrists and not for those that end at your hands.

See to it that your blazer can be closed in a comfortable way, even if you wish to keep them open all the time. There should not be too much of extra room when you are closing the blazer.

As has been mentioned before, buying comfortable clothes is the key. In case you do find something wrong with the clothes you bought, you can always alter them according to your adjustments at the nearest tailor shop. See to it that you are finding the utmost bliss in the altered clothes before you decide to step foot into the interview room.

Choose the Right Shoes

Choose what kind of shoes might pair well with your formal wear. Flats or heels are preferred by many women on an occasion such as an interview. But one must see to it that open toe shoes/ sandals must be avoided at all costs.

Lastly, if you choose to pick a pair of heels, double check that they are comfortable for you to wear and walk about. Tripping won’t exactly give your best impression to the interviewers. Heels as high as 3 inches are not advisable in this case. You can go for flats or any other type of shoes as per your convenience.

Low heeled shoes are preferable in the case of job interviews. However, bear in mind that they should be far from tacky, and should not be run down or worn out at the heels.

As much as open toed shoes are frowned upon, shoes you can wear on your way to a club or a date are also disliked as much. Therefore, you should steer away from those as well since they are inappropriate in accordance with the occasion.

You could also try using a basic pump since it always seems to stay in style. Once you have decided what to wear, you can leave the rest to the salesperson(s) in the shoe store.

Avoid Wearing Bright Flashy Colors

Again, we do not want to take away the main highlight, that is, your qualifications and competence and give it to those irritatingly bright orange coats, do we? Absolutely not!

This is why you should prepare and decide your outfit from the beginning. Avoid flashy colors and do not mismatch them either. A faint yellow and a vivid red do not mix well together and never will. Avoid wearing any of them in an outfit on an interview day. Also, red may seem okay, but it comes off as ‘aggressive’ many times.

Colors like hot pink and dark orange are too festive and bold to be sported in a corporate environment. One should avoid wearing them at all costs if they want to land a job and successfully complete the interview they are at.

Some color recommendations that are acceptable are navy blue, grey colors and the best suited color known when it comes to formal wear which is black. Black has been known to suit a lot of people regardless of shape and size or appearance.

However, you will need to decide for yourself if the color looks good on you or not. Decide for yourself what color combinations work well with you and then set out to have a shopping spree at the mall/store.  Happy shopping!

Avoid Patterned Clothing

Since this is a job interview, you do not have to dress like that diva walking the ramp on Lakme Fashion Week. Zebra or cheetah print or any other animal patterns and patches may look stunning, but not when it comes to professional attire.

None of these clothes will make your chances of scoring a job interview go up by even a bit. Instead, they will end up plummeting your chances by one hundred percent. Shun away all clothes of such kinds!

At all times you should opt for simplistic formal wear. This may be inclusive of blazers, tailored skirts, and blouses or a buttoned-up shirt. Anything that is plain in texture without the presence of patterns (except in a few cases) can work wonders for you! Check out Best Women’s Pinstripe Suit with Vest if you really like paterns.

Project Professionalism

The interviewer is always on the lookout for people/candidates that are detail-oriented people.  In other words, they seek professionalism from the candidates or job applicants. We have touched upon this topic before, but it’s something that needs to be stressed upon.

Paying close attention to your outfit for the day can earn you some extra brownie points. For instance, you should not enter the interview in a stain filled, wrinkled, or worse torn suit/attire. You should check everything beforehand several times right before stepping foot into the interview.

Keep Accessories to a Bare Minimum

You should keep the accessories to a bare minimum like body jewelry, etc. Be subtle with your makeup, do not be flashy and bold. Smelling good is also a key point here. Fragrance adds to the likeability of a person. However, pay close attention that you do not overdo it when you finally have the chance.

Do not put on overly strong perfumes or deodorants as the smell can be really irritating or in some cases allergic for people. Therefore, you should always keep your attire in check and be mindful of the little details in it that ultimately paint the big picture.

Do a little research into the company that you are interviewing for.  This will give insight into their way of working as well as what kind of outfits/attire the people working there show up to work in. You can work your way up to your own outfit in accordance with theirs and even select ones like those worn by them. A little research always helps.

Dress accordingly, be it casually or formally conservative. Arrange a dress rehearsal so that you can see if the attire for the interview is fitting and comfortable to walk around and be presentable in. This, in turn, will boost your confidence levels.

Cracking the Dress Code

Certain companies follow a strict dress code that has to be maintained by the employees working under it. However, it is very easy to be confused over the choice when you have no idea about what it stands for. Take for example, when you find out that one company follows ‘business professional’. Or if the dress code that they follow is described as ‘casual’.

How does one find out what falls under casual without crossing the boundaries? Don’t worry, we are here to help!  Here is how you can crack the dress code easily.

Business Professional: ‘Business Professional’ as the name suggests means that you must be professional with every garment. The main goal when it comes to dressing ‘business professional’ is to look the very best that you can. A modest skirt or a slack can do that for you.

This can be paired with a buttoned-up shirt and a jacket that is matching to the tailored suit skirt or any skirt. Remember to wear closed-toed shoes, such as flats or heels, or anything that is not open-toed shoes. If you come to question an item, then do not wear it at all. It’ll save you a lot of time.

Business casual: ‘Business casual’ seems very tricky. What does business casual even mean? And exactly how much more casual are you allowed to be in this unusual criteria that has been proposed? No need to panic!

A conservative dress in this scenario might do or you could try a skirt along with an equivalent blouse. If you do follow these guidelines then you do not have to worry about going ‘too’ overboard when it comes to ‘business casual’.


It is very important to make the best first impression and if you follow the tips listed above then you can ace your interview. To summarize,

Interview Dress Tips for Female Professionals

  • Dress modestly
  • Avoid slits and low skirts baring skin
  • Stick to formal dress by researching the dress code at the company
  • Keep accessories to the bare minimum
  • Don’t be bold. Be subtle with your makeup
  • Avoid flashy, bold and patterned clothes
  • And most important be comfortable

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