Is a Size 12 Plus Size? Is it Dangerous?

Is a Size 12 Plus Size

Is a Size 12 Plus Size?

Is a size 12 plus size?

As a woman, you would probably think you are too fat at least once in your lifetime. The different clothing sizes that are available in the market seem to compound the matter further.

Today, you might fit perfectly in a size 10 dress, but after a week, you will be alarmed to notice that the size 10 doesn’t fit you anymore and it is the size 12 dress that is the perfect fit for you.

Is there a cause of concern here? Not really at all!

Is Size 12 a Dangerous Size to be in?

This is the question in most of the women’s minds when they find that nothing less than size 12 fits them. Well, you are not alone at all. The size 12 is a perfectly normal and healthy size to be in. The reason for the over-consciousness among women about their size came from the hype created by models and top fashion brands.

In the modeling world, there was once a dangerous obsession with being size 0. It was very unhealthy and scary to see models flaunting their near-nothing bodies full of bones on magazine covers. It was scarier to see that young women got inspired by these models and tried various dangerous diets to lose a lot of weight.

It was only in the recent past that the passion surrounding size 0 faded. Today, size 8 is considered the maximum benchmark for the models. If you are a model and if your size is more than 8, you are considered fat. It is from this theory that size 12 started being known as the “fat size”.

Size 12 is not Universal

The thing about size 12 clothing is that it is not universal. You may be a size 12 in America, but not necessarily in Australia. A size 12 in the USA is almost a size 16 in Australia. So, you can still feel good about your body. Remember, if you belong to size 12, you are not fat; you are just being curvy.

The Mysterious Range of Size 8 to Size 12

While there are various sizes of women’s clothing available all over the world today, the range between size 8 and 12 is the one that receives a lot of attention.

It is the range where is there is lot of ambiguity as well. They are too fat to be considered lean, but they are also too fat to be considered plus-sized. Some countries like the USA, mention this size as the “ultra-size”.

It is quite unfortunate that not many top models that we know of represent this size currently. In the real world, the truth remains that most of the young women fall in the size between size 8 and 12. So, even if you belong to the largest size in this bracket (that is size 12), there is nothing for you to feel ashamed or embarrassed about.

What Should You do if You are a Size 12?

If you know that you are of size 12, you shouldn’t wait to see models on the runway representing your size. You should just go to your favorite stores and buy clothing of your choice.

All the fashion brands (big and small) do have size 12 clothing because they know that most of the women fall in this category. It is another issue that nobody chooses models in this size to showcase their brand to the outer world.

You may be shocked to know that the models that flaunt a figure leaner than the hour-glass, representing clothes of top brands, belong to a size 2! Is that even a size, you may wonder!

Yes, when you compare yourself against the skinny models of size 2, you may find yourself being overweight, obese even. However, you should know better than to feel emotional about these sizes.

You have to remember an important point when you are shopping for a size 12 clothing. Most of the top fashion brands (those of your native country and international brands) consider size 12 as plus-sized.

So, you may have to visit the plus-sized clothing department for the same. This can demotivate you because it does hurt when you buy from a plus-sized store, especially when you don’t belong to the plus-sized category!

Nevertheless, learn to live with it, because that’s how the world treats size 12 women. You can only laugh it off and continue to shop for your favorite clothes and carry them off as confidently as you can.


The fashion schools and model management gurus who train inspiring models should instill the thought among their protégés that the size range from 8 to 12 is the most common one, and there is nothing wrong in belonging to this range.

The problem, currently, lies in the fundamental training given to the models and the runway management committee members. As per the current scenario, only girls less than size 8 are considered fit enough for modeling.

As long as this thought remains, the hype around size 12 being plus-sized will continue. To answer the question that is also the title of the article (is size 12 a plus size), we sincerely believe that size 12 is a perfectly normal size for a woman. This is the size that most of the women belong to, regardless of their nationalities. You can always find good fashion ideas if you’re short and chubby.

The only reason why it is being singled out and considered as plus-sized is that there is not enough representation for size 12 women on international platforms. Most of the fashion brands that speak of using healthy models also consider size 12 as plus-sized.

In short, there is nothing you can do about it if you belong to size 12, to change the world’s perspective. All you can do is not to be too conscious about your size and continue to wear your clothes as confidently and as elegantly as you can.

At the end of the day, all that matters is how you carry your clothes, regardless of its size. Flaunt a smile as well along with your clothes, because that’s your best curve and you ought to flaunt it. Also, Check out how to dress for your body type and plus size ideas for the club

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