Plus Size Outfit Ideas for the Club

Plus Size Outfit Ideas for the Club

Plus size outfit ideas for the club

Think of a party scene in a movie or an ad film or even a film poster where women are dressed in high fashion clothes are in a club or are going clubbing. What is the one thing that you notice?

That each of these women have perfect figures. As a woman with ample curves you may have come to feel that this the norm.

Women with perfect figures can look like divas while the rest of the real women must be dressed like a sloppy slack! But why should there be a case where a woman who is anything between a size zero to size four or five get all the attention, while the rest are left feeling like slobs and unfit to sparkle in a club?

Don’t curvy women have the right to look drop dead gorgeous when they go clubbing?

The answer is a huge resounding yes! If you are a lady endowed with curves, reading this now, let this be the write-up that transforms your idea about dressing up to go clubbing!

There are literally hundreds of outfit choices for plus-size women who wish to go clubbing. So, gear up as we take you on a ride that is sure to change your life as we list out our top picks in club outfits for curvy women. One thing is for sure, once you go through our entire list, you will want to hit the nearest club soon and be quite a head turner there!

But before we go into details about club outfits, let us also take the opportunity to discuss some wardrobe staples and dressing rules for full figured women. Let’s face it. As a curvy woman you are not quite sure as to what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

As a result, shopping for clothes may be and arduous exercise. However, if you are familiar with same basic rules for plus size women, apparel shopping becomes easy and enjoyable. So here we are with some valuable tips on basic dressing rules for plus sized women.

Tips to Shop for Tops

  • It is a myth that loose fitting tops make a better choice for a woman with curves. Choose form-fitting tops instead.
  • Always choose belted tops or ones with an empire waist
  • Avoid boxy style tops and choose fitted dress shirts
  • A snug empire waist top with a band at the waist is a great choice for curvy women

Tips on Pants and Skirts

  • Be on the lookout for pants with wide waistbands that accentuate your form
  • Detailing around the hip or the rear are a strict no-no if you are bottom heavy.
  • While picking jeans pick boot cut jeans for most versatility
  • Always consider trousers or jeans in dark colours that have a slimming effect
  • While choosing skirts, always look for skirts that skim your figure
  • The kind of skirt you wear always depends on the choice of your top. For instance, if you have a fuller top in mind, choose a skirt that hugs your curves and flounces or flares out at the bottom. A top that is adds volume to your bust and shoulders are best paired with pencil skirts.

Tips on Buying Dresses

  • Keeping the top and bottom separate is always a good idea for a curvy woman
  • A bodice dress, an empire waist dress or a wrap dress is thus a perfect choice.
  • While buying a dress always look for a snug fit that emphasises your waist and keeps the top and bottom sections separate.

Keep the Neckline in Mind

  • The neckline is also of primary importance for women with curves. To accentuate your curvy bust, choose scooped or boat necklines when you are shopping for dresses. An off-shoulder neckline is also a good idea.
  • For tops, gravitate towards V-necks as it draws attention to your shapely bust. High necklines such as turtlenecks are best avoided.

Pay Attention to the Fabric and Patterns

  • As a woman with a full figure, it is best if you avoid stiff fabrics and choose soft and sheer fabrics that drape across your body and skim your body curves. Silk, satin and other such material is thus a good choice for you while choosing your apparel.
  • Patterns also need attention from your end. For instance, make it a point to stay away from bold and busy patterns such as large geometric prints, floral prints or even large polka dots. Simple patterns in darker colours are a good choice.
  • When you are shopping for dresses, pick solid shades with minimal patterns.
  • Heavy beading, sequins or other embellishments are not a good idea around the chest area.

Now that we are done with the basic dressing rules for plus size women, and you have a better idea of what you can go shopping for, let us move on to the next part of the article and tell you about what we believe are absolute must-haves in the wardrobe of plus sized women.

Once you have these staples in your wardrobe, dressing for any occasion including clubbing, will be a breeze.

  • An A line skirt– If you carry weight at the bottom a clean and simple A-line skirt in some gorgeous fabric that gently falls over your hips and goes all the way to the mid-calf or the knee is a must in your wardrobe. An A-line skirt will help you to balance out the silhouette and give the impression of an hourglass.
  • A pencil skirt– If you are heavier around a mid-section, a pencil skirt that is not too tight that begins at your waist and hits the knee is a great piece of clothing and serves to create a silhouette as well.
  • Skinny jeans– Yes, you read that right! It is big myth that skinny jeans are only meant for skinny women. Curvy women should especially look for the ideal pair of skinny jeans that highlight their best areas and provide a flattering fit. The good news is that now every store has the perfect pair of denims for every body type, so all you have to do is go into a store and try on a few denims before you come across one or a couple of pairs of jeans you think you can literally live in!
  • A two-piece suit– Sounds boring eh. Especially if you have no connection with the corporate environment. But guess what? A classic, well cut straight legged trouser an a single-button jacket in colours such as blue, grey or brown has endless possibilities. Not only can you accessorise and put your own stamp to the outfit, you can wear the jacket over a dress, or the trousers with a top and create a number of outfits for different occasions. And whether or not you work in a corporate set-up, there are indeed a few occasions that demand you to be in formal outfits, where a two-piece suit can be your perfect outfit.
  • A tunic top– A tunic top can work wonders for plus-sized women, as they serve to cover to your hips and thighs and provide clean lines around your upper body. While selecting your tunic it is also important to choose fabric that has a lighter stretch that does not pull or tug.

Further, you need to make sure that the hem does not hand below the rear, as it will give you a hugging appearance and not look very attractive. Instead, you may consider choosing shark bite hemlines, i.e. hemlines that are longer along the sides and shorter in the middle. This will flatter your figure and add a bit of oomph to a regular outfit.

  • A white shirt dress– Now, this is a must in the wardrobe of not just curvy women, but for all woman across the globe! For plus size women, it has a great slimming effect under a blazer. There are endless possibilities with a white dress shirt. For instance, you can simply use a belt to divide the dress into perfect halves, and a pair it up with shapely jeans or your pencil skirt.

A pair of leggings or jeggings in a snazzy colour would work well too. If you wish to create an eclectic look, you can go for multi layered necklaces or just add a string of pearls if you wish to look more sophisticated.

Also, when it comes to your white shirt dress, never underestimate your humble silk scarf. Just let it hang lose over your shirt (like a tie) and you are sure to attract attention for your outfit.

  • The little black dress- You don’t have to be shy while going shopping for a little black dress if you are a plus size woman. In fact, as a fashion expert would tell you, it is a must have in your wardrobe, because it provides a slimming effect like no other. Choose a dress that highlights your best features. For instance, if you have shapely legs, ensure that your dress stops short just above the knee to expose those shapely legs. Similarly, if you have great collarbones, pick a dress with a plunging V neckline to highlight it.
  • Shapewear- There is nothing taboo in using shapewear if you are a woman with curves, and in fact is a must-have in your wardrobe. The good news is that with the state-of-the-art technology used in the apparel industry, shapewear is no longer uncomfortable. For instance, there are lightweight fibres that are a blend of nylon and spandex that feels comfortable on your skin and allows you to breathe comfortably even as it minimises your bumps and lumps and trims you down, before you get into your clothes.

However, do remember that it is an imperative to try on shapewear before you purchase it. You want something that is not only a perfect fit with your figure but also lets you breathe, sit, walk around in etc comfortably.

In fact, we recommend carrying your outfit along if you are looking for shapewear for a particular occasion. That way you can ensure that you look just the way you had envisioned yourself for the special event and get many an admiring glance!

Top 9 Plus Size Club Outfits

Now that we have discussed the basic rules of dressing for plus-sized women and the staples in their wardrobe, let us take you through some awesome outfit ideas for clubbing for women with curves.

The Sexy Little Black Dress

As a curvy woman, the sexy and stylish little black dress is your best friend when you are going clubbing. As we mentioned earlier, black is a colour that is naturally slimming and can be the perfect clubbing attire.  However, make sure that you opt for a fabric that skims your body lines rather than staying stiff around your body contours.

It is therefore a good idea to pick silk or satin fabric for your little black dress. Use shapewear or a good supportive bra to lift and add a belt to your dress. Accessorise with a golden neckpiece and a nice chunky bracelet or a watch. Add black, golden or any other heels and carry a matching clutch and you have the perfect clubbing outfit.

The Pristine White

White is a colour that suits any complexion and you can barely ever go wrong with it, even if you are going clubbing.

If you think that you are out of outfit ideas for clubbing (although that will no longer be true when you are done reading this article!) just bring out the favourite white dress of yours that stops short above your knees, and pair it with a chunky golden belt, hoop earrings and a stone bracelet.

You can either go with golden heels or make your outfit a bit snazzier with a pair of red heels.

Don’t have a golden belt, not to worry! A simple white dress with a dark coloured clutch and heels of the same colour such a blue, burgundy, wine etc will work just as well. If you have a plain white dress that has a slit in the front, you obviously have a sexy pair of legs. Well, guess what.

That white dress with a slit in the front is a perfect clubbing outfit as it is funky, fashionable and sophisticated all at the same time. So, if you are gunning to make an impression on a special someone in the evening, a white dress with a slit in the front has no match indeed.

A pair of heels in a dark colour and you are ready to cause a flutter in the heart of the one who you want to have eyes only for you!

The Classic Black and White

There is rarely an occasion where you can go wrong with black and white, and clubbing is no exception to this rule. Whether you have a plain white top, a shirt dress or a printed white top, all you need to do is pair it up with a sexy black pencil skirt.

If you have a shirt dress, unbutton it up to your cleavage and add a chunky gold necklace. Add some funky golden heels, add a dash of red lipstick and you are ready to go clubbing.

Shimmer and Shine

If jewellery is not your thing, 2019, is the perfect time to bring out your sequined top to go clubbing. A sequined peplum top with a pencil skirt or black skinny jeans is a perfect to go clubbing in. An all-black look, i.e. a peplum top with black skinny jeans or leggings are perfect for a night out.

Accessorise with a smart clutch and you are good to go. Not feeling like black right now? A simple poncho style sequined top in grey or silver worn with a pencil skirt will also flatter your curves instead of making you uncomfortable.

If you are not comfortable showing your legs, choose an off shoulder or cold shoulder, evening gown in gold or silver sequins that will make you look simply ravishing. Some bold lip colour and people are not going to be able to take their eyes off you for the evening! Not all people like bling and shiny.

If you too are in the category but want to create an impression all the same, choose a dull gold dress with sequins instead of a shiny one.

A gold tone dress with sequins at the waistline and the neckline can be a perfect clubbing outfit too. If you own none of the above-mentioned options and all you have is a sequined jacket, it can work well too, when you are going out clubbing. All you have to do is throw it over a dress in a solid colour with matching heels.

Bring on the Metallic Baby!

If you can carry of glamour and shine, like it is second skin to you, the metallic dress is just the thing for you when clubbing is on your mind.

When you have a metallic dress on, you don’t have to worry much about accessorising as all the attention remains firmly focussed on the dress itself. You can however consider pairing it heels in neutral colours or nude a simply slip on a chunky watch or a plain bracelet.

The Bow Dress

The bow dress in a light colour, such as mint green or blue or even a softer yellow is a perfect clubbing outfit for a lady who is not afraid to flaunt her assets. It is indeed a captivating choice, as it has a perfect plunging neckline. Accessorize with earrings in contrasting colour and match them with the pair of heels you wish to wear for the evening.

For instance, if you have a mint blue dress and have golden heels, make sure you wear chunky golden earrings and carry a golden sequined purse. A nice hairdo such as a side pony, or even freshly washed blow-dried hair, a dash of light makeup and you are ready to club in style.

Keep it Simple and Bright

When it comes to the choice of dresses for clubbing, you may not always be in the mood for the snazzy. If you want to keep it simple for the evening out clubbing with friends who you meet every other day who are just getting together for an informal night out, you can just pick out a solid coloured dress that is simple yet bright.

Something like a yellow, orange or wine-coloured dress with some glossy lips, chunky bangles and preferably flats or heels in a similar colour will be just as good an outfit when you go clubbing with friends.

The Denim Look

Don’t underestimate the power of denim when it comes to clubbing. Have a denim top? Simply tie it into a knot over a pencil or patterned skirt, add on some hoop earrings and heels as accessories and you are ready to go out clubbing in style.

If you are feeling a little bolder a denim strapless dress with a chunky neckpiece, bracelets and heels would work well transforming you quite into a head turner.

The Pleated Dress

There are some dresses that are jut meant to be for a particular body type. If you are plus sized woman a pleated dress in a solid colour such as red, blue, bottle green with a wide V neckline to highlight your curves that flounces out at the bottom is sure to work wonder for you.

Just make sure that you do not choose a stiff fabric when you are buying a dress like this off the shelf or getting tailormade.

Grey is in!

In 2019, grey is a colour that rules. So whether you choose a grey jumpsuit, a grey loose top with a sequined form fitting skirt or a vintage classic grey dress with a belt in pink and some pink make-up, these are all looks in grey that are sure to earn you some envious stares when you step out for clubbing.

So, do not be afraid to bring out the greys when you are going out clubbing in recent times. Accessorise well and flaunt your curves with grey the next time you go out clubbing!

As we have established by now, nightclubs are not only for skinny women who can rock any outfit. With the right choice of outfit, you can look and feel just as sexy and create just the impression you want to leave on a bunch of admirers!