Which Type of Bra is Good for Heavy Breast

Which Type of Bra is Good for Heavy Breast

Which Type of Bra is Good for Heavy Breast

Which Type of Bra is Good for Heavy Breasts?

Studies have claimed that a number of women fall under B or C size cups in any country and it keeps changing over generations, time, and several other factors with no certain explanation as to why or how. A few decades ago, the average size of women’s breast is 34B but today it is now 36C.

A woman with a larger bra size than the average will fall under this type. The difference between women with bigger breast is that they will be needing bigger cup space in order to hold the fort, while other details remain.

So, in order to get the perfect bra size for women with larger breast, it is essential that they should be able to measure the bra size first and get a professional fitting at once so that a perfect fit would be achieved.

How Bras Should Fit?

Selecting a bra is not about finding the most beautiful or elegant design, nor choosing your favorite color. Every woman should bear in mind that selecting a bra must be associated with comfort and health-related considerations.

A bra that does not fit well will offer low support and may displace bra breast tissues and may eventually make breasts droop and sag. Bras that are too big or too small or cups that are too large or too small may also post potential health risks such as neck pain, should pain, and the like.

– The band is the overall responsibility for the support of the bra. It should fit on your body comfortably, particularly around the torso. You should be able to put two fingers between the skin and the band in order to ensure proper fit.

– The primary function of the strap is to level the bra. They must not dig into your shoulders and should stay in place.

– Breasts must fit without spillage inside the cup.

– If your bras have underwires, they should surround the breasts and place against the chest wall.

– The bra should be able to use the loosest hook so that it can be tightened when the elastic materials wear off over time.

For women with large breasts, here are the top three bras that you may want to check out:

1. Natori Women’s Pure Luxe Custom-Coverage Contour Bra

The Natori Women’s Contour Bra is guaranteed soft and made with high-quality materials. They greatly fit into the large breasts. The straps are comfortable and do not slip off. This bra provides enough support and relief under any type of clothing.

Compared to other models, this bra does not have any problems related to straps digging into the shoulder or hurting the shoulders at once. The Natori Women’s Bra is a good investment when it comes to bras. This type of bra is guaranteed to last long because of its durability. They are most recommended for women with a wider chest.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable
  • Great support


  • Does not lay flat
  • Too Stretchy

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2. Wacoal Women’s Plus Size Red Carpet Strapless

The Wacoal Women’s Plus Size Strapless Bra is designed for women with larger busts. It is a full figure strapless bra with contoured cups. When worn, they stay hidden and stabilizes the side and back of the bra. There is a three hook adjustment at the back.

This bra is made of smooth seamless fabric over cups that are stretch foam. For women will full breasts, the underwire can be adjusted and removed. You can alter the detachable straps into a crisscross style, halter style, or one shoulder style.

The sides and bands display minimal bulge and the slip-resistant silicone on the neckline can hold the bra in place. The best thing about Wacoal bras is that they have a soft flat center at the front that helps reduce the possible uni-boob appearance.

This Red Carpet Strapless bra from Wacoal can ensure you great support for your large breasts all day and night because they are made with sturdy materials.


  • True to size
  • Comfortable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Strapless
  • Detachable straps


  • Wire pushes through the skin

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3. Freya Women’s Idol Underwire Molded Balcony Bra

The Freya Women’s Balcony Bra is made with smooth seam fabric with neck edge binding that gives full support to large breasts. They have balcony cups that ensure full coverage and natural round shape. They come with adjustable straps that prevent slipping or sliding off the shoulders.

The Freya Balcony Bra is elegantly designed with pinstripes and soft cups. The bra does not rise up and fits properly like how it’s supposed to. Freya Balcony bra is one of the excellent all-around bras you can find. This bra is mostly recommended when wearing shirts or dresses that do not show texture and display too much sensation.

This bra does not only offer good support for women with large breasts but they also boast in stylish looks and designs as they come in different sophisticated colors.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Not too stretchy


  • Stitching is a bit loose
  • Expensive

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Finding the right bra is not an easy task yet a challenging one. The right fit does not only focuses on the cup size but there are other important factors needed to be considered such as straps, bands, loose or tight fit, materials used, and more.

For women with large or even saggy breasts, it is more stressful to shop for bras that fit properly and precise. In order to achieve the right fit, you should first listen to your body and pay close attention to the straps, bands, gore and other details within a bra.

Lastly, investing in a high-quality bra is always a good option. Top brands of bras may be costly but the benefits of which you can get is more than enough for you to decide. You may want to check out the best plus size strapless bras for other options as well.

Women must always take care of their breasts and choosing the right bra is crucial. The wrong fit of bra might cause health-related issues that are why women should never underestimate things like this.

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