Why do My Pants Roll Down at the Waist?

Why do My Pants Roll Down at the Waist

Why do My Pants Roll Down at the Waist?

Why do My Pants Roll Down at the Waist?

Have you ever encountered a problem with your pants that roll over at the waistband? Even though you feel that it perfectly fits on your hips or waist, they still manage to go down? This “roll-over” scenario may be caused by a difficulty to fit proportionately around the tummy area.

Some people may also experience this because of the enlarged belt loops or width of the belt. They have noticed that some pants that fit on the waist higher are less likely to buckle compared to low rise type of pants. There are many possible reasons for this problem. And this could be a stressful problem.

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Why do pants roll down?

Many people have the same problem. Often times, they experience rolling down of pants at the waist. For most people, it may be because of the following reasons:

  1. Body Shape

Our human body is not stagnant. That means our body is constantly growing. As time goes by, your body would grow bigger or slimmer. That is why some pants would roll down eventually.

Another reason would be the body shape. Some people have a distinct shape that they need to wear a belt because their pants would fit on the hips but not on the waist. There are cases that pants become tight on the thigh area and most of the time, the pants would tend to stick on the thighs and would bring the pants to go down.

Some people also experience falling down pants because of different body shape. There are people who have an apple-shape body which means that their pants will naturally sit low.

  1. Shrinking butt

Another reason why pants roll down at the waist is because of the butt shrinking. It may sound weird but it is actually true. The body changes over time and pants would eventually fall down if it does not fit anymore. People particularly those who are physically active may tend to get their bums smaller.

Since our butts are made of fat, doing powerful activities would lead the body to lose some. This scenario would cause the pants to roll down because the pants do not fit accurately anymore.

  1. The wrong cut of pants

One of the reasons why pants roll down is because of the wrong cut. For example, low-rise pants are vulnerable to this scenario. They tend to fall down easily because they sit lower on the waist. Even wearing a belt would really not solve this type of problem.

It can provide support but it would not be enough to keep the pants up. On the other hand, traditional cut pants do not have this problem which makes them a perfect choice, especially for women.

  1. Stretched waistband

Another possible reason why pants are falling down is that the waistband has lost its elastic characteristic. Some people especially those who are bigger in size could possibly experience pants falling down because the waistband has reached its normal limit.

Even with non-stretch pants, the waistband may still stretch until it reaches the point that it will no longer fit rightly as it once did. When this happens, the pants could fall off easily because the waistband is bigger than before.

How to Keep the Pants from Falling Down?

There is a number of solutions that you can try when your pants keep on falling. Here are some tips that you may consider:

  1. Wear suspenders

Suspenders is a very obvious and easiest solution to rolling down pants. However, suspender is an old-fashion and wearing one would make someone look like a grandfather. Suspenders could also be difficult to wear especially when you are a working person.

Fortunately, there are new inventions that can help you to keep your pants up. No Buckle Stretch Belt is a newly-invented belt with an incorporated ridge at the back. It is worn outside of the shirt or undershirt.

Another invention is the Magnetuck. When attached to the shirt, it can create a ridge where your pants can sit on top.

  1. Using Padded Underwear

Pads are not only made for women. Padded underwear for men is now a thing to help them keep their pants up. Padded underwear can fill out space on someone’s bum that would lead to having perfect fit pants. With this, pants would be accurately fit on the body and avoid the possibility of pants to fall down.

  1. Altering the jeans

Another solution to keep the pants from rolling down is to alter the jeans. If your pants are bigger than usual size, then you need to alter your pants so that it could fit your body rightfully.

  1. Using a belt

One of the most convenient ways to keep your pants from falling is to use a belt. However, even if the belt surely works, the belt buckle usually makes a lump under your shirt. Some people find this very disturbing and uncomfortable.

  1. Buy a new pair

The best solution to rolling down pants is to buy a new pair. This may be costly but it can ensure you to have good fitting pants once again. When you decide to buy, you may also want to try custom-fitted pants that are based on your own measurement rather than having yourself to adjust to the pants available at the market.

Instead, the pants must be the one to adjust on your body measurements. When you have custom-fitted jeans, rest assured that they are designed specifically to fit you perfectly considering your size and shape. A right-sized and high-quality pant would fit beautifully on your waist and not too constricting or loose.

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Having a good pair of pants can make you look better. A good-fitted pair of pants or skinny jeans are a great investment that is why people must be mindful when buying one. In addition, one must know how to take care of pants in order to retain its good condition and in turn avoid the pants from rolling down.

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