How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger in Skinny Jeans

How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger in Skinny Jeans

How to make your bum look bigger in skinny jeans

Women always want to look good and sexy. Following some superstars like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, these celebrities are famous for having god-like bums that most girls are aiming for. Bums are considered one of the attractive parts of the body and women would do anything to make their butts look smoothing and bigger.

The increasing fame of skinny jeans has challenged most women on how to maintain the sizes of their bums and how to make them even bigger. Skinny jeans are designed to highlight long legs and good curves.

If you are an average petite girl, then wearing a pair of skinny jeans can be a dilemma if you are considering making your bum look bigger. However, certain ideas have aroused on the different ways to maintain and improve booty posture even when wearing skinny jeans.

There are many things that you can do to make your bum bigger when wearing skinny jeans. Here are some of what we have listed:

  1. Proper exercise

This method is the easiest and most convenient. If you want a perky bum, then you have to invest time and effort on it. Any type of exercise can help your butt get into shape. If you do not have much back to tone, then you can ease up on the cardio.

You would not want to spend all your time on the treadmill that may eventually lead to loss of weight on your bum. To improve the muscles on your bum, try a couple of squats, lunges, and leg lifts. Walking is also a good form of workout.

  1. Heels

One of the most common ways to make your butt look bigger while wearing jeans is to wear a pair of heels. It may be torture to some but wearing heels can help you improve the shape of your bum. Wearing heels can improve your body posture.

By just standing straight, your bum already looks beautiful. But when you are on heels, your legs are being lengthened which can make your butt higher than the usual.

Wearing heels with skinny jeans can also push your chest forward and behind backward which emphasizes all the right curves. Even low heels can help the body improve some curves. So when you go out, make sure to pair your skinny jeans with heels.

  1. Use the right underwear.

Best looking bums depend on the first layer you put on your butt. When doing the selection from your underwear, make sure to be mindful what to choose. It is time to throw away your granny panties and oversized boxers. You should wear sexier underwear and thongs.

They can help your butt look bigger because they leave your butt almost exposed. If you are not fond of thongs, you may opt to use cheeky panties which can reveal a bit of your bum. It is a great way to make your butt appear bigger.

  1. Consider pockets

The pockets of your skinny jeans may play a big role if you want your butt to look bigger. Picking the wrong pockets on your jeans would definitely ruin the piece of art that is your butt. So if you want to achieve the Kardashian-like booty posture, then you should go for small pockets.

These small pockets should be placed a bit higher on the pant. It should be on top of your butt. Be sure not to pick skinny jeans with pockets that are way too high to avoid the “mom jeans” look. Giant pockets are super deep. They may be handy for holding your wallet or phone, or lip gloss, but in reality, they make your butt appear smaller.

  1. Choose a stretchable skinny jean

One way to achieve a nice-looking bum is to pick stretchy skinny jeans. This type of clothing is very comfortable and can fit your legs smoothly. Stretchable skinny jeans can lift your booty nicely. Just make sure that you have the right kind of stretch that you lift your bum nicely and not squashing them down.

When you go on shopping, make sure to look for a pair of skinny jeans that has a bit of stretch to them. Stretchy jeans can give you nice curves and bum boost.

  1. Shapewear can help

If you have tried many methods yet you still can’t achieve the Kardashian-looking bum, then you don’t have to worry because there are still ways that you can try. Shapewear like Spanx can provide you with smooth-looking curves.

If you want a growing booty, then you should pick something that snaps at the waist. If your waist is being defined, then your booty will look bigger.

  1. Butt lifting jeans

Yes, you have read that right. There is a thing called butt lifting jeans. They are specialized elastic jeans that can enhance your bum.

  1. Butt pads

Yes, there is a thing such as a butt pad. This is special underwear that has extra padding to help you achieve a butt that is bigger than the usual.

When you wear this on a skinny jean, rest assured that your bum will definitely look bigger and nicer. It can provide you with bigger back curves and will definitely give you the Kardashian butt look you have always wanted.


Wearing a pair of skinny jeans or leggings present a challenge to women especially to those who want to achieve a good-looking bum. Yet, the techniques mentioned above are some of the life hacks that women should try without the hassle. Achieving a celebrity-like bum is not impossible at all.

Even with regular exercise, you can have good back posture and better bum. Aside from routine exercise, the type of clothing or fabric can also be a factor that can affect how your bum displays.

Additional clothing such as butt pads is now a trendy thing particularly for those who want to have a bigger bum without the effort of doing physical exercise or spending a lot of money shopping.