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How to Dress to Look Thinner in Summer 2019

How to Dress to Look Thinner in Summer

How to Dress to Look Thinner in Summer 2019

How to Dress to Look Thinner in Summer 2019

Summer is fast approaching. The rising heat and summer vibe makes people want to explore their wardrobe in order to get the most appropriate outfit that can make them look great.

Aside from bikini tops, there are many types of outfits that people can discover and use in order to appear sleek, chic, and slim. This article will discuss different ways and tips you can try in order to look slim in different outfits for the summer.

How to dress to look thinner:

  1. Create the illusion of having a smaller waist

One of the easiest tricks, in order to look thinner, is to establish a visual that you have a small waist and there are many ways to achieve this. Aside from tucking your top in your waist, you can use a belt or sash to cinch your dress.

Just remember to have paired it with the right color so that it could be highlighted. Your body must be able to display a wider hip which can give a very feminine look. You can also match the color of your belt to your necklace or other accessories you like.

Another trick you can do to make your body longer is to pair your belt with a short hemline. This is an old technique that can elongate your legs and make you appear slimmer and taller. You can also emphasize your waist or midsection by wearing an A-line or sheath dress with a midline zipper.

  1. Wear A-line dresses

A-line dresses and skirts are mostly used by women because they create a classic look and incredibly silhouette. An A-line dress or skirt can make your waist appear smaller and effectively hide the inner parts that you want to hide.

  1. tank and Crop top

It is also a popular way to wear layers in order to minimize the middle part of your body and make you look slim. In order to achieve a summer chic look, wear a crop top over a tank. The trick here is to wear a bigger crop top so that it may highlight the curves of your body.

  1. Prints and patterns

If you wear two separate prints, one on the bottom and one on the top, you may be amazed by how excellent thinner you will look. This is because the two prints create an illusion that coincides with the two prints on two areas of your body.

  1. High-waist Pants and shorts

Choosing the right outfit especially during summer is very challenging. Lucky for oy, high-waist shorts and pants are trendy nowadays that you can easily pull them off for an outdoor look. Match well-fitted high-waist shorts with a classic button-down blouse so that you can transform your body into a slimmer version.

  1. The power of crop tops

Believe it or not, crop tops can make you slim if you can pick the right size. Pair the crop top with a high-waist bottom such as trousers or skirts and you are good to go. Always go for a black colored outfit because black is a universal color that makes anything smaller and slimmer. You can also go with tops that have a built-in bra as well.

  1. Don’t throw away your ripped jeans

Ripped jeans become overly popular these years. Although this trend had been for years, ripped jeans will never go out of style. Ripped jeans are easy to wear especially the boyfriend pants cut. Wearing this could improve your silhouette and could give you slimmer look on the spot.

  1. Wear soft colors

Choosing summer colors would allow you to have a slimmer effect on your body. A shift dress, for example, can hide what you don’t want to display.

  1. Go with vertical stripes

Wearing vertical stripes can also help you look thinner. They make the appearance of your body taller and thinner. You may pair it with shorts to have a lazy summer chic look.

If you don’t like stripes, you can also use matching sets that can dazzle the eyes and remove much attention of the body part that you don’t want to be highlighted. Remember to not be afraid of playing with bright colors and prints/

  1. Use ruffles correctly

Some people may say that using ruffles could make them look but the reality is, they can also be used in order to look slim. The technique is to wear them the right way. For example, placing the ruffles above the waist can make some areas way smaller.

     12. Try a shirtdress

One of the must-haves of stylish women is shirtdress. It never goes out of style. This type of outfit can flatter any body type which can be useful if you want to look slimmer.

  1. Use light jackets

If you want to conceal some parts of your body, then using a jacket is the solution. It can hide your shoulders, back area, and upper arms. It can effectively conceal these body parts if you don’t want them to be exposed. They also give a corporate yet chic look during summer.  If you want to look taller, you may use a long overcoat.

  1. Shirts on summer

Instead of tucking the shirt in your waist, wear your shirt in a way that it can distract people from looking at the width of your body. Wear them over your skirt or shorts. This will not only make you look slim but can make you appear fresh and chic.

Bonus tips:

  • Midi-length sleeves can also help you look thinner.
  • Using a super-sized pair of sunglasses or shades with smoothed-back hairdos can also make you sleek and slim.
  • Don’t hesitate to muss up the hair and untuck the shirt. You will slim down right away.
  • Use a piece of chunky jewelry such as a necklace. It will make your size appear small because it creates an inverted triangle effect that helps slim down your body.


You can check out the best waist cincher to wear under clothes if you’re are looking for a quick fix as well the best shapewear for your dresses.

Summer is one of the best seasons people look forward to. This is the season where selfies over different travel destinations are rampant. The trend “OOTD” or “Outfit-of-the-Day” has become more popular.

That is why people look for many ways on how to dress up in order to make them feel good and look great. They explore through many ideas on which outfit that can make them beautiful, radiant, and of course, slim.

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