How to Hide Love Handles in a Bodycon Dress

How to Hide Love Handles in a Bodycon Dress

How to Hide Love Handles in a Bodycon Dress

How to hide love handles in a bodycon dress

You have got a beautiful bodycon dress to wear to a party, but you are in two minds to wear it because it makes you look fat. How many times have you faced this situation in life?  Love handles are the excess weight that hangs around your stomach and hips like unwanted guests and refuse to go.

Well,  a bodycon dress is a tight-fitting dress that you can wear for different occasions. Why should you stop yourself from wearing this comfortable yet stylish outfit because of the extra flab that sticks out of your waist?

Here are some tips that you can try to hide your love handles in a bodycon dress, so that you can carry off the dress with style and confidence. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too!

  1. Invest in a good corset-style shapewear

More often than not, you spend a lot of money and time on the colour and fabric of the bodycon, but ignore the piece of clothing that you have to wear inside it. Some women wear belts or tummy tuckers to hide their love handles, but in vain. These pieces can make you uncomfortable in the long run.

This is why it is important to invest in corset-style shapewear, when you want to flaunt your bodycon dress without the worry of showing off your love handles. A corset is a one-piece figure-hugging piece of clothing that covers you from chest to hip.

It not only keeps the extra flab well inside it, but it also gives a nice shape to your waist, which you can show off in your bodycon. These corsets are available in comfortable, breathable fabric; therefore, you can wear them for long hours, without any discomfort.

  1. Dress in a way that people don’t notice your love handles

If you don’t want to wear any additional piece of tight-fitting shapewear inside your bodycon, but still want your love handles to be well-hidden, here is a simple trick for you. Divert the attention of the people around away from your love handles by dressing appropriately. Some ways in which you can follow this are

  • Wearing a unique necklace or statement piece over a one-shouldered or off-shouldered dress is a great idea to make people shift their focus on your neck piece and not have the time to take note of your love handles at all!
  • Wearing heavy or flashy earrings that go well with your dress will also help you hide your love handles effectively, without trying too much. While your friends are busy analysing the trendy earring that you have worn, you can smile within yourself for having succeeded to divert their attention away from your extra flab.
  • Wearing a brightly coloured and beautifully designed scarf will not help you create a new fashion statement wherever you go, but will also help you keep the people around you to focus on your face and neck instead of the extra flesh around your waist.

In short, when you want to hide your love handles in a bodycon dress, you have to choose your accessories carefully. You have to wear bright and bold accessories that will make people focus on them and get diverted from your love handles.

  1. Wearing the right colour, pattern and fabric of the dress

While a bodycon is an elegant dress, it can turn out to cause a fashion disaster for you, if you don’t choose the right colour, pattern and fabric of the dress. Yes, comfort is the most important factor that you have to consider while choosing your clothes.

However, if the agenda of dressing up is to hide the love handles, you should prepare yourself to step out of your comfort zone slightly. Here are some small but effective changes that you can do while choosing clothes, to hide your love handles smartly.

Fabric type of dress – Thin and soft fabric is always the first choice when you shop for clothes. Nevertheless, this may not be the case at all times. Thin fabric tends to hold on to your skin tightly, thereby making your curves and love handles (unfortunately!) quite obvious to others. This is why it is important to choose thick fabric.

A bodycon dress made from thick fabric will hang on your body loosely, without clinging on to your love handles. Therefore, wearing dresses made of thick fabric is a great way to conceal your love handles and enjoy your dress as much as you can.

Fabric colour – Would you believe us if we said that dark coloured clothes could make you look thin and shapely? Strange, but true, indeed! Dark-coloured bodycon dresses with detailed work on them will look good on you, especially if you have a lot of extra flab around your waist, thighs, neck, etc.

Fabric pattern – Striped dresses definitely make you look smart, but, only if you wear the right kind of stripes. If you are already short and heavy, you might be looking for bodycon dresses that don’t make you look vulgar by revealing your love handles.

All you need to do is to choose a dress with vertical stripes. Stripes designed vertically have the capacity to make you look thinner than ever, and quite tall as well.

  1. Cover-ups are great

Wearing cover-ups such as jackets and cardigans over your bodycon dress will not only help you beat the cold during the winters, but will also make you look smart and slim. Sometimes, when you wear a loose cardigan over your well-fit bodycon dress, it hangs loosely at the sides, thereby hiding your love handles completely.

  1. What you wear inside is very important

You have followed these tips and are ready to rock your bodycon dress among your friends. However, when you don’t wear the proper underwear, you run the risk of spoiling your entire look.

Brassieres and panties that you wear inside the bodycon, should be chosen carefully, if you want to reveal only the right curves in your bodycon dress to the people around you.

Wear only those brassieres that are tight-fitting and comfortable for you. This will help to give a nice shape to your breasts and make them look firm inside your bodycon.

Choose high-waist panties always and wear it in such a way that it sits at a higher position at the back than in the front. Bulges around the stomach, chest and waist area can be effectively hidden, using this simple trick.

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