Dresses that Hide Belly Bulge and Love Handles

Dresses that Hide Belly Bulge and Love Handles

Dresses that Hide Belly Bulge

Dresses that Hide Belly Bulge

Choosing the perfect dress that can hide tummy bulge is one of the dilemmas of every plus sized woman. When you start to age, most women find it difficult to get rid of these tummy bulges no matter how hard they exercise. When women pass through perimenopause,

it becomes even a more serious issue. Fortunately, the market has expanded its branch to accommodate women with belly bulge. There are now many dresses that are being offered in the market that are designed to hide the tummy bulge that you are most embarrassed about.

You can now gain back your confidence in wearing the most comfortable and fashionable outfits with the different belly-concealing dresses available.

How to Choose a Dress That Can Hide Belly Bulge?

If you are decided to buy a dress, you should first know several things that are related to how to effectively conceal big bellies through different outfits. Here are some of the tips that you might want to check:

–  Do not opt for a dress that is snug or fit across your stomach. Doing so could highlight your tummy. Instead, select a dress that drapes past the tummy area.

– Select a dress that comes with a wrap closure instead of using ties or belts. Using belts and ties will only draw attention to the tummy area.

–           Select a dress with an empire waist that can gather below the bust and will glide over the tummy area.

–           If you really want to wear a tight-fitting dress, you can always opt for shapewear that can effectively conceal your belly bulge and provide you with a natural body curve over a tight dress or top.

Dresses that Hide Belly and Love Handles

1. Poseshe Women’s Plus Size Evening Party Maxi Dress

The Poseshe Women’s Party Maxi Dress is an elegant dress specially made for women who are plus size. It has a plunging v-neckline with ¾ sleeves. Its design is fashionable and attractive that can highlight your body curve. This dress can be suitable for any occasions. You can wear this at a party or even on a business occasion.

If you are wanting to hide your belly bulge, then this product is perfect for you. The Poseshe Women’s Party Maxi Dress is made with high-quality stretch knit fabric that can give you maximum comfort for all-day use. This maxi dress features a feminine silhouette that is an attention-grabber.

This over-sized dress is very effective in hiding your belly bulge while maintaining a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The best thing about the Poseshe Women’s Party Maxi Dress

is its versatility. You can use this a semi-formal dress, an evening dress, a bride’s maid dress or even a maternity dress.


  • Soft and stretchy fabric
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for many occasions
  • Elegant and fashionable


  • Oversized
  • Ideal for plus-sized women

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2. Grecerelle Women’s Casual Long Dress Short Sleeve Split Maxi Dresses

The Grecerelle Women’s Split Maxi Dress is made with 95% rayon and 5% stretchy spandex. This backless and v-neck long dress is a loose fit that can effectively hide your big belly. This simple yet fashionable style is perfect for everyday use. You can wear them with either boots, pumps, or heels.

The Grecerelle Women’s Split Maxi Dress comes with 3 different styles and has many beautiful colors and prints. This maxi dress is made with a super soft and comfortable fabric that is very durable even up to multiple washing. The rayon and spandex combination is very soft and stretchy enough to deal with any types of body curves.

Some pregnant women are preferring this type of dress as it can greatly accommodate big bellies. The best part about this maxi dress is that it comes with pockets which is very convenient and useful. The Grecerelle Women’s Split Maxi Dress also comes with a racerback style that can be ideal for a beach outfit.


  • Comfortable
  • With Pockets
  • Affordable


  • No mid-length available
  • Some prefer no pockets

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3. Halife Women’s Casual Sleeveless Maxi Dress

The Halife Women’s Sleeveless Beach Maxi Dress is made with cotton material which is very comfy and soft. It comes with handkerchief hem and a high cut neckline along with a racerback tank. This dress is a loose casual maxi dress ideal for travel, casual outfit, or even for summer getaways.

If you have large bellies that you want to conceal, then this Halife Women’s Sleeveless Beach Maxi Dress is perfect for you. This dress can effectively hide your tummy pooches so that you can be confident enough on your look. Most pregnant women also opt to use this maxi dress as a maternity dress because of its comfortability and design.

This maxi dress is a nice fitting maxi dress which does not run big. The fabric is made with polyester (75%) and cotton (25%). One of the best features of this dress is that it does not shrink even after multiple washes.


  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Great for traveling
  • Dress for any occasion
  • True to size


  • Small sizes

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Hiding a tummy bulge under your clothes is not that difficult. If you are sick of trying to get rid of those bulging bellies through exercises, then the only option you have is to adjust your outfit. With so many dresses available in the market today, you can surely find the perfect one for you.

Knowing which type of dress to wear is one of the most effective ways of hiding that belly bulge. There are several types of dresses that can actually hide your big tummies. Aside from maxi dresses, there are kimono dresses, balloon, trapeze, pleated, bat dress, and many more.

You just have to be familiar with your body type and shape in order to select the best dress that you can find in the market. These three dresses mentioned above can help you narrow down your list. Take a closer look again and order them now!

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