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How to Wear Ankle Boots with Dress Pants

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Dress Pants

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Dress Pants

How to wear ankle boots with dress pants

Shoes are one of the most important things people invest in. They are being used in everyday life and people tend to spend most of their money on shoes. Because of its popularity and need, shoes have developed into different types. One of which is ankle boots.

This type of footwear is very versatile and can be used in any season and on any occasion. Every girl has her unique style of ankle boots she likes.

In this article, we will discuss a particular type of boots and how to wear them with a particular outfit. One of the most popular footwear for women are ankle boots.

This type of footwear can go with almost any outfit including a skirt, dress, or even jeans, making it the ultimate footwear for anyone.

How to wear them?

There are different types of outfit that you can pair with ankle boots. In order to know how to get your style up, let us take a look at each of them:

  1. Ankle boots and pants

When wearing skinny jeans, tuck your pants into the boots. This is also applicable to leggings where the opening of the ankle is small and usually fit snug to the legs. Remember to tuck in only pants with a small opening so that boots would not bunch and become bigger.

There are also ankle boots that have a wider opening and higher shaft. These are called slouch boots. Pants with a narrow opening could look perfect on this.

Some people who wear skinny pants also want to try a different approach when wearing ankle boots. Some would prefer to untuck the pants. They just double roll the end of the pants in order to show off ankle level. This can be achieved of your dress pants are ankle-length.

If your pants are very long, then there would be bigger fold or cuff which can become awkward in appearance. If you want to look slimmer, then this style could be good for you. Showing off a bit of your skin would make you thinner because you display the narrowest part of the leg. The number of cuff or fold will depend on your length preference.

  1. Ankle boots and skirts

Ankle boots are a perfect match for classic skirts. For an elegant look, make sure to have a monochrome motif for your outfit. For example, you may wear a black skirt, partnered with black tights and black ankle boots.

Another tip that could be useful is to select the ankle boots that are close to your skin color so that your legs would not look like chopped from the ankle. Another trending style today is the sock booties. These type of footwear works great with dresses.

  1. Select neutral colors

When you do not own yet a pair of ankle boots and planning to buy one, remember to select footwear with a neutral color so that you may be able to wear any color of an outfit in the future. You can try white, gray, black, or nude. Gold and silver can also be considered neutral colors and these boots would be great for evening events.

You may also want to avoid mixing colors that are contrasting such as white dress and black boots so that it will not cut off your legs and not make them appear short.

  1. Ankle boots with heels

Ankle boots are great for dress pants. In order to emphasize your legs and to make them appear longer, choose ankle boots that have heels. Wearing ankle boots with heels could make you look chic and your outfit sophisticated especially with dresses.

  1. Ankle boots with Matte Material

If you are wearing dress pants, then ankle boots that are shiny is not the perfect match because it could make your feet bigger. Choose the boots with matte materials especially if you have large feet such as suede, leather, or canvass because these can make your feet appear smaller.

  1. Ankle boots and wider cuffs

Ankle boots with wider cuffs are more preferable when wearing dress pants. The cuff of the boots must be able to extend past the ankle. You may also want to avoid boots with excessive designs such as straps and embellishment because this could make your boots bulky which is not presentable when partnered with dress pants.

When wearing ankle boots, you must also be aware of the following dos and don’ts:

–   Choose the right dress

Since ankle boots are perfect for any type of outfit, then pairing it with the dress is included in the list. Choosing the right dress to be partnered with ankle boots is very important in order to achieve a stylish look. The length of the dress or skirt may have an impact on your appearance.

Remember that the shorter skirt or dress you wear, the longer your legs would appear to be. A long dress or knee-length dresses are not really recommended for ankle boots.

If you want to achieve a nice and decent look, choose a simple dress especially if you are planning to put some accessories. Belts and boho necklaces may shine when they are worn on a simple dress.  Lastly, you may want to avoid sheath dresses with ankle boots because it will make your feet bulky and your boots heavy.

–  Base it on your body type

Ankle boots may also have different outlooks depending on the shape of the body. If you are slim and short, you may want to try rompers or bubble skirts or mini dresses. If you are curvy and petite, an A-line dress or skirt is a perfect combination. If you are curvy and tall, then a semi-voluminous dress with tights can make you look more slender.


Ankle boots are one of the best friends of women. This is generally because of their versatility when it comes to styles. Women should invest in a good quality pair of ankle boots which can come in handy on many occasions and events.

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