How to Wear Booties with Dress Pants

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How to Wear Booties with Dress Pants

How to Wear Booties with Dress Pants

The fashion world has been evolving over the years. There are many outfits and footwear that are becoming trendy years by years. Among them are booties.

This footwear is one of the must-have things that every woman should have. Its versatility for use is very helpful as it matches with any type of outfit including pants, jeans, leggings, skirts, and even dresses.

Booties do not go out of style. Inventing in one could go through any season. Booties, or sometimes called ankle boots, can be worn with different styles.

Booties with trousers or dress pants are one of the easiest choices of style. However, there are rules that you need to follow so that you won’t have an inappropriate silhouette. You can always rely on boots on giving you a good-looking combination of an outfit.

Along with a pair of dress pants, here are some tips on how to wear your booties:

  1. Show some skin

The best way to wear boots with pants is for you to show some part of your lower leg. Showing the bottom of your shin or ankle which is narrower than your booties and pants helps to display visually elongated legs. When you reveal a small amount of leg line, your legs and feet will look proportionate.

  1. Don’t wear pants over the boots

It is advisable not to wear straight, skinny, or boyfriend jeans down over the ankle boots. Keep them above your ankle boots. This will establish a fresh look that you desire. There are many types of booties such as heeled or flat, wide open or fitted, dipped at the front or straight across the top. There are also booties that are above the ankle bone and below.

  1. Cuffed pants

When wearing pants, add a cuff to create enough space between the booties and the legwear. Turn up the hem once in order to create a wide cuff or narrow cuff. Take note that a lengthy cuff can shorten the line of the leg.

Before going out, check your silhouette in the mirror. If you wear skinny pants with a longer cuff, then it will be easier if they can be stretched up to the calf.

Otherwise, you can create a cuff with a double roll to ensure that you are displaying enough skin. The goal here is to make a cuff that can create an ideal space between the top of your boots and the bottom of your jeans.

  1. roll them Up

One of the coolest styles you can do with booties and pants is to intentionally give a messy look and feel. This style can create an impression of “like you care but you don’t”. And this is the obvious definition of being cool. You can roll up your cuff in a larger size and messily roll them again with a smaller one.

  1. Cropped

An ideal combination with booties is the skinny pants or straight leg that ends a few centimeters above the ankle boots. You don’t need to make a cuff in order to create a space between the pants and boots because pants are already cropped. Cropped pants are very well suited for booties.

This style has been a popular choice in the fashion world and is certainly used by most women. However, remember that the space between the bottom of the pants and the top of boots must not be more than six centimeters or else your legs will appear to be chopped in half.

Cropped flares are perfect for your booties because it can make your booties stand out. With little heels, this style can give you a boost and flattering look. Ultra-cropped culottes are also an excellent pair for booties with black color. This color palette on the outfit is best for the fall season.

  1. Tucked

One style that you can also use is to tuck your pants into the boots. However, they need to be positioned well to your leg. Or else, you will lose lengthening effect and legs will absolutely look stumpy. On this end, it is considered best to have leggings paired with booties because leggings define the shape of your legs.

Some pants are not tight enough at the ankle for this look to be achieved. If you are the type of person that gets chilly easily, you can opt to wear a nude color stocking that matches your skin tone so that you can still look cozy even without showing some real skin.

Bonus tips:

With skirts

The basic when wearing booties with skirts is that “the shorter the skirt, the taller the boot”. But sometimes, this rule can be ignored depending on the shape of the body and the styling. Long skirts can also be a good match with booties. You can create a slender look by having a monochromatic color of booties and pants such as black.

With Dress

The same with skirts, a dress can also be a good match with booties. The key to looking good is to pay attention to having the right proportion and improving the look by not chopping your body into half. An easy top could be having a monochromatic look that can establish a slim figure.

Boots with other colors aside from blacks such as brown or gray can also create a harmonizing look. You can also wear tights and ankle boots so that you can transform your summer dress into fall outfits,


Boots are women’s all-time favorite. This is mainly because booties can be paired with almost any type of outfit. No matter what you are wearing, booties can always give you a fresh and stylish look. Skirts, dress, and pants will always look good with booties if matched properly.

When you decide to invest in booties, try to select a neutral color such as black, brown, or grey in order to use them with almost any outfit color. The important thing is you know how to combine tops, bottoms, and other accessories with booties so that you can always go outside with confidence no matter what your outfit could be.